Top Ten Tuesday: Author Pairings

Top Ten Tuesday 2

So I’m going to do 5 pairings that will equal 10, YaY.

 1.  Marie Rutkoski & Mary E. Pearson

These ladies have written two of my favorite series of all time.  They know how to write a smart heroine and their world building is phenomenal.  I think if these two teamed up to write a series/novel, no one could top it.

2. Ruta Sepetys & Ryan Graudin

Both of these authors write historical fiction.  Gaudin’s books tend to have her own paranormal or reimagination twist.  Both authors also tend to write about a little know piece of world history.  If Sepetys and Graudin teamed up; chose a specific time period; and did their normal extensive research, the historical fiction baby they’d create would be something I’d definitely read.

3. Sarah J. Maas & Susan Dennard

I feel like Maas had a big influence on Truthwitch so if they legit got together to make a book, it could surpass the awesomeness that is The Throne of Glass Series.

4.  Rick Yancey & Marie Lu

Marie is a self proclaimed dark writer and you can’t get any darker than aliens picking off humans by the thousands.  What kind of dark hot mess would these two create?

5.  David Arnold & Adam Silvera

I follow Adam on Instagram and he and David seem to have become best friends.  They both write realistic fiction with wounded characters so I think this pairing would be funny yet heartbreaking and something I’d love to read.


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