Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday 2

10 Wishes I’d Ask The Book Genie To Grant Me

Harry Potter Edition

  1.  I was EXTREMELY late the Harry Potter Party.  I didn’t begin reading them until the last movie was in theaters.  I was an after-school coordinator during the hype and I knew about the series but I thought it was for kids so I didn’t bother.  I wish I’d read them when they were still being written.  I would have been pre-ordering and standing in line at the theaters with everyone else.
  2. i’d like to meet JK Rowling in Scotland and see the inspiration for the series.
  3. I’d like the book genie to apparate me to London to visit the Harry Potter experience.

Twilight Edition

  1. Once again, I was late to this party.  I just became a tween library associate when the third movie came out.  Before I   worked at a library I worked at a tutoring facility my boss used to give Twilight to reluctant readers.  That’s a good idea, let’s give teens who hate to read a 700 page book.  Anyway, I was a big fan of the series and it would have been fun to read the books as they became published.
  2. I’d like the book genie to fly me to Forks Washington so I can see the setting.


  1. I wish all the YallFests and YallWests and AustinTeens were in Chicago so I could just get on the train and go.
  2. I wish the book genie could grant me the power to make all my favorite YA books good movies or TV shows.  I’d make The Raven Boys, Throne of Glass, and Lunar Chronicles TV shows.  I’d make Six of Crows, The Remnant Chronicles, and The Winner’s Circle and movie.
  3. I’m a librarian and we do a Lit Fest every year.  I always invite local authors because they are cheaper. I would love to get  well known authors in addition to local authors and to have a big budget to afford it.

2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. Yes, I think being surrounded by a bunch of other crazy HP fans was part of the fun! 😀 I also think it was great growing up with the novels and getting more mature at the same times the books got more mature.

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