Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Creepy Moments in YA

#1.  Far Far Away

The baker, if I’m remembering correctly, is from Holland and he always greeted people with “Holla!”  The guy was just plain creepy.  If you haven’t read Far Far Away from Tom McNeal, do it.  It’s about a teen boy who’s friends with the ghost of a Grimm brother.  There’s a kidnapper on the loose and Grimm, the boy, and his friend search for him.

#2.  Daughters Unto Devils

This entire book is creepy but one of the creepiest moments is toward the end when the mom serves her kids rabbit pie.  That’s all I’ll say.

#3.  Alex Crow

One of the characters in Alex Crow is the Melting Man but with all Andrew Smith books, it’s not always what it seems.  Is he figuratively melting from the inside or is he literally melting?  Regardless, this man is gross.

#4.  Madman’s Daughter

This is a reimagination of The Island of Dr. Moreau.  The good doctor performed vivisections and in the Madman’s Daughter, we got to read the graphic details of the operation-YaY!

#5. Jesper Dent Series

Jesper Dent is the son of a notorious serial killer.  Lyga, does a fantastic job of creating such a vividly creepy murderer in the father.  As I was reading this character, I worried about the sanity of Lyga.

#6.  The Diviners

There is a character named Naughty John who’s actually a ghost.  Naughty John is a legend, much like Bloody Mary, that has his own song.  Firstly, the song is creepy.  Secondly, Naughty John is quite frightening.

#7. The Shadow Queen

The Shadow Queen will be published in 2016 and it currently available on  Edelweiss.  It is a retelling of Snow White and the evil stepmother gives people poisoned apples.  The cover is a representation of the apples and when people eat them, black slime oozes out but the people don’t notice-eww.

#8.  A Madness So Discreet

In the beginning, Grace Mae is housed in a cell next to a man who must be isolated from the other prisoners.  This man has a secret.  You know when stories build up “the secret” and it’s revealed, its a huge let down? We’ll not this secret.  I still shudder at this man’s secret-YUCK.

#9.  The Iron Trial

The Iron Trial is basically Harry Potter and I didn’t enjoy this book even tho it’s co-written by Cassandra Clare whom I love.  The best part about this book is it’s attempt to go against the YA grain and while the execution of it was disappointing, the prologue was great.  If you have no plans to read the Iron trial, I implore you to read the prologue.

#10. Jackaby

Jackaby is full of supernatural beings and the one that I found particularly interesting was the banshee.


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