The Read Pile-October

I read 9 books this month, Yay-a personal best. Some were great and some were terrible so let’s begin. To see the full review, click on the book cover.

rose society#1. The Rose Society (Young Elites 2) bombbombbombbomb 1/2

I wasn’t going to read this because I didn’t like the first one.  Actually, I liked the concept of the first one but I didn’t like Adelina.  I’ve often found that book 2’s are sometimes better than their precedent so I gave this one a shot and I’m glad I did.  What I failed to realize, until about 85% into the book, was that Adelina is a super villain and isn’t supposed to be likable.  Once I got that, I really enjoyed this book.  BEST BOOK I READ THIS MONTH!

ink and bone#2. Ink and Bone (The Great Library #1) bombbomb 1/2

I read this book because a friend of mine gave it a 5 on Goodreads and she rarely gives 5’s.  I’ve also been hearing a lot about this book on Twitter, so why not.

it’s got a VERY interesting premise-it speculates how our world would be if Gutenberg had never invented the printing press.  It’s set in the current year but because print resources cannot be replicated, the world is somehow stuck in the 1940’s.  In this book, the library is the most important building in every city because that’s where all the coveted originals are.  So this book went from a Harry Potter type story to the final third of the book which was fighting to save all the books in London.

I love books, obviously, but I don’t want to read about saving books-it was boring.  It’s so unfortunate because the writing was so good and Caine tells a great story but the final act of the book just bored me to death.

passenger#3. Passenger (Passenger #1) bombbombbomb

There seems to be a new trend with time travel and seeing as I am a Doctor Who fan, I thoroughly approve this trend.  Also, this cover is spectacular.  Other great things going for this book is the diversity of the main characters and the historical fiction.  For me, this was all that was good.  There was instalove and a lot of pages that were not driving the plot.  I felt the historical fiction could have been written better and the plot was very convoluted.

It won’t be published until January and I know this novel has been revised once.  I hope the publisher revises it more because it has a promising plot.

frankenstein#4. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley bombbombbombbomb

This was a book club selection from my Books on Tap Bookclub.  I’ve never read Frankenstein but I’m familiar with the story and I enjoyed This Dark Endeavor: The Apprenticeship of Victor Frankenstein by Kenneth Oppel.

 I enjoyed Shelley’s writing and the way she told her story. I’m one of those people who like a happy ending so this ending didn’t sit well with me but overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and wish I’d read it sooner.

shadow queen

 #5. The Shadow Queen (Ravenspire #1) bombbombbombbomb

This is another Snow White and the Huntsman story and I wasn’t expecting much but it had “much loves” on Edelweiss and since I let Edelweiss dictate what I read, I read it.

It has the usual tropes-the strong magic possessing heroine, the dreamy altruistic leading man, the bitchy female member of the leading man’s army, the evil queen who will stop at nothing to get what she wants, the father figure, and the funny younger brother.  The Shadow Queen, however, was fast paced; the evil queen was truly evil; the magic was refreshing; the love story was believable; and the heroine was well written.

This novel was basically brain candy; there was nothing deep or inspiring but it was very entertaining.

blackhearts#6. BlackHearts bombbomb 1/2

This is the third book I’ve seen with a ship on the cover and yes, it’s beautiful too.  This book also has a POC as the lead character-YaY.

Blackhearts is the story of what Blackbeard would have been like as a teen.  I don’t know much pirate history so I Wikipediaed Blackbeard before reading this novel for some background.  Although this book has a lovely ship on the cover, this book is not about sailing or piracy it’s a romance-UGH!!!  I don’t mind romance if I know going in that it’s a romance. But If I’m lead to believe that it’s a book about sailing or pirates and midway thru no one is on a ship or no pirates are in the story, I’m gonna get pissed.  I got pissed!  I’m waiting and waiting and I slowly began to realize that this is a romance but not a very good one.  I equate Blackhearts to that one boring ass season on Downton.  You know the season where Rose falls in love with the Black jazz singer? That boring ass season!  Needless to say, I was disappointed.


#7. Nimona bombbombbomb 1/2

This wasn’t on my original TBR list for October but it’s on my Mock Printz group’s list so I read it.  Disclaimer-I’m not a graphic novel fan so you won’t be surprised to learn that I didn’t get it.  I got the obviousness of it but I didn’t get it.

#8. The Fixer by Jennifer Lynn Barnesbombbombbomb

This is basically Scandal for teens.  Tess’ sister is a fixer in DC and when Tess moves in with her, she finds the fixerherself fixing her classmate’s lives.  I’ve never read a Grisham novel but I’m assuming this is a teen version.  There’s a lot of politics and crime and privilege and mystery.  Barnes does a good job of keeping the plot moving and creating interesting characters.  There’s also a lesson for the kiddies about forgiveness.  This was on its way to a 4 until the big reveal and this is the problem with a mystery novel.  I watch a lot of crime shows and I like to think I have a good grasp on the genre so I can make plausible guesses.  I hate it when the big reveal is shitty!!!!!  As far as teens, this book has A LOT of politics and I’m not sure if it would keep their interest.  This book would be for a very specific teen and I don’t know how many of these teens I have at my library.

hotel ruby

#9.  Hotel Ruby bombbomb 1/2

This is one of those novels where it’s more than meets the eye but nothing really happens until 80% in and by then I got bored.  I read a similar book that was told better.  I won’t say which book because I don’t want to spoil it.

The Roulette Reader and I will be podcasting our review of Hotel Ruby on November 2nd at 1:30pm CST. Click the Youtube icon on the top right to see our Hangout page.


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