Hotel Ruby

hotel ruby

Hotel Ruby 

Suzanne Young

Genre: Contemporary/Paranormal

Bang Bang Rating: bombbomb 1/2

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Audrey and her brother have lost your mother and now their father, who can’t deal, is driving them to live with their grandmother.  On the way, they stop at the beautiful Hotel Ruby and things get weird.

The Good

  • This a more than meets the eye novel.  It’s about coping with a loss but it’s told in an unconventional way.

The Bad- It’s difficult to review this book because of the mystery surrounding the storyline-I don’t want to spoil anything.  I’ll do my best. 

  • This a very slow moving story and this is okay if there’s great character development but this book was lacking in the character department.  There was nothing special about the love interest, the villain wasn’t evil enough, and the backstory of the Ruby wasn’t prominent enough. As I said, this is a more than meets the eye novel and you get that right away so you are spending the FIRST 80% OF THE NOVEL trying to figure out what’s going on.  Once it’s revealed or you figure it out, it’s not that surprising.  I get that it’s supposed to be more contemporary than paranormal but I’ve read other books like this (More Happy Than Not and Challenger Deep) and they did it WELL!  Hotel Ruby was a bit to boring for me.
  • There were a couple of plot points that had no impact to the plot.
  • If this is more contemporary than paranormal, I didn’t like the ending.  I don’t think it’s a good message.  If this is supposed to be more paranormal than contemporary, the ending was unexpected and okay.
  • Audrey doesn’t ask the right questions.  Right at the moment when the big explanation begins, Audrey starts asking questions but then she gets sidetracked by how attractive Elias is-UGH!


Hotel Ruby starts off quite interesting but as it develops, it falls flat.


2 thoughts on “Hotel Ruby

  1. I absolutely loved this one. Yeah, the twist at the end was so easy to figure out, but I have a weird attraction to haunted house/haunted hotel type novels, so I was in love with this one the entire way through. I’m sorry it was a bit disappointing for you!

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