Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday 2

10 Debuts Authors Who Have Me Looking Forward to Their Sophomore Novels.

I’m glad to say that 8/10 authors listed have diverse characters and several are minorities.  It’s awesome to be able to say that the We Need Diverse Books movement has made HUGE waves in the YA literature community.

adam silvera

#1. Adam Silvera!  I LOVED More Happy Than Not & I LOVE Adam-He’s so sweet.  His debut was very well written and extremely insightful.  If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend you read it soon.  I hear that his next novel will be a fantasy and since fantasy YA is my life, my life is complete.

amy lukavics

#2. Amy Lukavics!  I normally don’t read horror because I’m a horror aficionado and it takes A LOT to scare me but Daughters Unto Devils was really creepy. I Skyped with Amy with my teen patrons and she was really cool so READ Daughters Unto Devils.  Read it now.

david arnold

#3. David Arnold!  I enjoyed Mosquitoland and although I saw David at a recent conference, I didn’t meet him personally.  I did sit at a table next to him and he seemed like a down to earth kind of guy and I did enjoy his debut, so I will probably read his next book.

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#4. Becky Albertalli! Simon Vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda.  I really liked this book and Becky’s humor.

melissa grey

#5.  Melissa Grey! I enjoyed The Girl at Midnight and Grey’s new world.  I had small problem with the ending but Grey told an interesting story and had great characters so I’m hoping book 2 will be just as good as #1.

renee ahdieh

#6. Renee Ahdieh!  I had minor problems with this book but it ended with a mystery of the father and a suspicious book and I’m intrigued.  Renee strikes me as an writer who will only get better so I’m excited for  book 2.

virgina boeker

#7. Virginia Boecker! I liked The Witch Hunter.  It was full of tropes but Boecker’s character development was really good and The Witch Hunter was a bit salacious so I hope she takes a page from Maas and goes there in her next book.

nicola yoon

#8.  Nicola Yoon.  I didn’t enjoy Everything Everything as much as other people but it had some noteworthy writing.  I saw Nicola at a recent conference and I didn’t say hi and I feel bad because counting her, there were about four black people a room of about 300.  FYI, the first thing black people do within a large group of people is to look for other black people and I feel bad that I didn’t at least say hi even though I wasn’t fangirling over her book.  I will read her next novel and I will say hi next time I see her at a conference.

marissa meyer

#9.  Marissa Meyer!!  I can’t believe Cinder is Meyer’s debut series.  I feel like she’s been around forever but she hasn’t and I’m excited to not only finish the Lunar Chronicles but to read her new series about Alice in Wonderland.

ava annie sabaa

#10.  Sabaa Tahir!!!!  I’m glad it won’t take Sabaa another seven years to finish book two.  There are so many questions left unanswered in An Ember in the Ashes and I hope she answers them even though she said she might not-NOOOO.


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