Frozen Tides Notes

  • Magnus and Cleo go back to Limeros after they learn that the King is on a trip away.
  • Magnus is met by the Kingsliege son who is filling in for the King.  Magnus forces him to get off the throne by threat of death.  He reluctantly steps down.  He decides to befriend Cleo by teaching her how to do archery. They form a friendship and he tries to use Cleo to get Magnus to step down.  She doesn’t fall for the bait but makes him think she did.  at the end, he tries to hurt Cleo by Magnus intervenes.  I can’t remember what happens to him. 😦
  • Felix, who had joined the rebels, changes allegiance and goes back to Auronos to show allegiance to the king.  He presents the king the earth orb. He tests him by telling him to dual with another rebel.  Felix wins and accompanies the king to Khraesia.
  • Amara? is back in Kreasha after she killed her brother.  She’s trying to prove herself to her father but he calls her a whore. He tried to kill her when she was born but she survived because her mother put a potion into her ear.  Her mother instead died because she sacrificed herself for amara.  Amara stole the water orb from Magnus and Cleo.  The king come to kreasha to threaten the emperor that if he doesn’t form an alliance with him to rule Kreasha and mytica by saying he has all four orbs that can be indestructable. Amara knows he’s lying but she doesn’t tell her father.  The emperor agrees to the alliance saying that by signing, the king agree that when he dies, everything goes to Kreasha.  He also makes amara marry the king.  She does so willingly and then poisons her father and brothers and they go back to Limerous. She beds Felix but she puts him prison and leaves him to die.  Meanwhile, Amara’s confidant has formed a rebel group against the emperor and recruited Felix.
  • Jonas is severely hurt and left for dead by Felix.  He is healed by a witch who turns out to be Olivia, a watcher.  She’s been directed by Octavious? to protect Jonas.
  • Jonas, Lysandra, and Olivia try to get to Cleo with their disguises but Magnus sees it.  He tells Jonas and Cleo that if they help him overthrow the king, he will give them their lands back.  Jonas give Cleo the orb  without Magnus knowing. Jonas believes him but Cleo does not.  Jonas and Lysandra go to a market (can’t remember why) without Magnus knowing.
  • Lysandra is killed by Lucia’s god of fire companion (forgot his name).  She is killed at a market.
  • They return and Magnus is angry at Cleo for not believing him.  He sends Jonas and the red head and olivia to kreasha to find and kill the king but they miss him as he and amara are on their way to Limerous. They find Felix and the rebels.  Jonas sends Olivia (who has then reveals herself) to fly to Limerous to warn them about amara and the kings early arrival. While on the ship, the red head sees Ashur-he is not dead.
  • Amara convinces the king that cleo must die because she is poisoning magnus’ head.  she’s the reason why magnus is weak.  when they arrive to limeros, amara ties to be nice to cleo and forms a deal but cleo hits amara and escapes.  The king tells a story of how his mother stopped a romance between gaius and a woman and he doesn’t want this to happen to magnus.  it is assumed that the woman was cleo’s mom.
  • Lucia’s angel has been murdered? she’s upset and hates love now.  she’s traveling with the fire orb who has turned into a man.  the other orbs are his siblings and he wants them back.  he is using lucia’s power to get them back and he’s trying to manipulate her by telling her she can defeat the king and have world domination if the has all the orbs.  they need to find the wheel first. (don’t remember why the wheel is important.)  they think magnus has an orb or knows where the wheel is but when they don’t help, lucia hurts magnus and tells her to get out of her way. magnus is upset at lucia’s behavior. lucia has figured out mind control and controls magnus and others.  after the fire god burns down a town for no reason, she realizes she is bad news.  they make their way to the forbidden mountains where they find a wheel.  I think something happens to the fire god.
  • Lucia is having dreams about octavious- the fire god hates him.  he is telling her that her decisions will cause her fate and everyone else’s.  I think lucia realizes that if all four orbs are together, it will be bad.
  • Magnus goes after cleo and finds a little house where cleo is, they get it on but the king finds them.  he makes magus choose and when cleo is about the be killed they threaten to drop the orb over a cliff, he doesn’t believe them and it’s dropped.  it causes an earthquake? and magnus pushes the king over the cliff.  before he goes over, he reveals that the woman he loved was cleo’s mom.

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