Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten New-To-Me Authors I’ve Read for the First Time in 2015

#1. Nova Ren Suma:The Walls Around Us- I love weird YA and I’m shocked I’ve never heard of this author or read her books. I may have to go back and read her earlier stuff.

#2. Suzanne Young: Hotel Ruby– I initially gave Hotel Ruby two stars because I wasn’t happy with the execution of the story but the idea was okay.  I doubt I’ll read anything by Young again.

#3. CJ Redwine: The Shadow Queen-The Shadow Queen was a light read but I enjoyed it.  I like retellings and I think Redwine’s Snow White retelling contained all the usual tropes but I liked her light hearted writing.  I’ll read her future works.

#4. Neal Shusterman: Challenger Deep-The teens at my library are required to read Unwind for school and they all rave about it and tell me I need to read it.  I generally don’t read backwards so I’ve avoided it bit I REALLY like Challenger Deep so I might listen to the Unwind Series at work.

#5. Mindy McGinnis: A Madness So Discreet-I didn’t read Not a Drop to Drink but the Epic Reads ladies rave about that series and this is why I decided to read Madness.  Boy was that a mistake.  I WILL not be reading anything else by McGinnis.

#6. VE Schwab: A Darker Shade of Magic-I don’t know why I picked this up but i’m glad I did. I’m excited for Gathering Shadows and Vicious is sitting on my desk ready for me to get through my TBR pile so I can begin reading it.

#7. Sarah Dessen: Just Listen-UGH, that story was so syrupy sweet.  My teens at the library love this author and I appreciate her clean YA novels but this author is not for me.

#8. Mary Shelley: Frankenstein-I had to read this for my adult book club and I really enjoyed the writing.  It was a bit tough to get through because of the density but I enjoyed it.

#9. Rachel Caine: Ink and Bone-I didn’t like the ending of the story but I think Caine has quite an imagination.  I won’t read her Morganville Series because I don’t like vampires but I may read book 2.

#10. Laura Ruby: Bone Gap-Laura has written other books but they don’t look like something I would read so I have no plans of reading backwards but I will read her in the future.




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