Into The Dim

into the dim

Into the Dim (Into the Dim #1)

By Janet B. Taylor

Genre: Historical Fiction/Time Travel

Expected Publication: March 1, 2016

Bang Bang Rating: bombbombbomb 1/2


Hope’s mother has died and her father ships her off to an aunt she’s never met in Scotland.  After only a couple of hours in Scotland, Hope learns that she comes from a family of time travelers and she must help stop their nemesis.

The Good

  • Time Travel. This is my third time travel book in the last two months and this one was far less confusing.  Taylor wasn’t consumed by filling gaps and explaining rules; she explained how their time travel machine worked and that the machine knows if you’ve been there and won’t send you back-BAM!
  • Action. This book moved and there were no long boring parts.  It’s a great book for boys.
  • Historical Fiction.  It included historical info on Tesla and half of the novel was set it 12th century England for the coronation of Eleanor of  Aquitaine. I’m not a big fan of history so I don’t know if the clothes or anything was historically accurate but as a librarian, I like when fantasy/science fiction blends historical fiction because it gets teens interested in history.  I liked Eleanor and I think Taylor paints a basic picture of of 12th century London.
  • Secondary Characters. Most of the secondary characters were very interesting .

The Bad

  • Predictable.  It was extremely easy to guess what was going to happen and initially I was okay with this because the story was interesting but then I began to guess the major stuff and that became a problem.
  • Writing Style.  This novel is full of major reveals and at least 8 instances when characters were like, “Hope, I have to tell you something…” Then that’s it.  Doing this a couple of times makes the story intense but EIGHT times? Perhaps Taylor struggles with writing intensity? I don’t know what the deal is but the editor should fix this.
  • Unimportant plot points. One of the themes was love and there was a Jewish girl in the 12th century involved in a forbidden romance.  First of all Taylor continued to show the injustice and abuse Jews faced in this time period over and over-she was beating a dead horse.  We get it, they hated Jews.  Then there was this bad guy who was constantly trying to rape her. We get it, women were sexually assaulted-please let the horse rest in peace.  Anyway, this romance was pointless. It didn’t drive the plot and it wasn’t good.
    • There was an entire chapter where they finally defeat a bad guy but once again, that was a chapter that could have been left out.
  • Hope. Hope is the main character and she’s been homeschooled and has never had friends but she suddenly is socially capable with everyone.  She also has an eidetic memory and the author uses this to get her out of some serious jams.  This skill would have been okay a couple of times but she is with seasoned travelers and instead of them having a more prominent role, they take a backseat to her memory.  BTW, these were great characters that could have used more development in this 430 page story.
  • The Villain. Everyone loves a good villain especially in fantasy but this villain was not developed and I’m a bit unsure of her motive.  I think I know but if I’m correct-UGH!


Into The Dim began quite well with a funeral and an empty coffin.  The historical fiction and the secondary characters were the saving grace in this otherwise predictable story.

BTW, this is nothing like Outlander.



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