Know Thyself Tag

I was tagged by my survey-loving co-worker but I admit, I do love a BuzzFeed Quiz.

So you basically take fandom quiz and then yell, “What the hell! I’m nothing like that character!” And then you post your results and tag someone else.

BTW, this tag was created by Tomes and Tea.

Harry Potter-Slythern


“What the hell? I’m a Gryffindor dammit!”  Well according to the old Pottermore quiz that I took twice (and according to my coworkers) I’m a Slytherin.  As the results were being tabulated, I was just like Harry during the sorting ceremony, “Anything but Slytherin, Anything but Slytherin.”  Alas, that was not the case. The Pottermore quiz seems to be no longer, so here’s a different one.



I kinda don’t like this series so I don’t care but I will say this; I’m not daring or adventurous so they got this WRONG! Here’s the quiz.

Game of Thrones-Bolton


“WHAT THE EFF?! BOLTON IS THE WORST CHARACTER I’VE EVER READ FROM EVERY BOOK EVER WRITTEN.” Is this some kind of a joke? There is no way in hell I’m Bolton. I demand a recount!

Hunger Games-District 12


Bolton, really? There are like 100 characters in that series and I get Bolton?

Sorry, I digress.  District 12 is the lowliest of the low but I guess I get to go to school with Katniss. So that’s pretty sweet.

Sherlock-John Watson

john watson

Slytherin and now Bolton. Is the universe trying to tell me something?

I just can’t get over that.  Anyway, I love Freeman’s portrayal of Watson.  He’s unassuming and he kicks ass and takes names! Personally, I would rather be Molly because I think she’s one of the best female characters on TV but I’ll take Watson. At least I didn’t get Mrs. Husdon-Hehehehehe.

Doctor Who-9th Doctor

doctor who

UGH-He’s the worst. The only character worse than him is Rose and when I took a different quiz, I got Rose.  I’ll stick with #9.

Big Bang Theory-Raj


My coworker had LOTR but I’m not in that fandom so I took a Big Bang Theory character quiz and I got Raj, YaY!  Besides Sheldon, Raj is the funniest character on that show.

I tag everyone. You’re it!




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