Rebel of the Sands

rebel of sands

Rebel of the Sands (Rebel of the Sands #1)

By: Alwyn Hamilton

Genre: High Fantasy

Expected Publication: March 8, 2016

Bang Bang Rating: bombbomb1/2


Amani lives in Dustwalk where nothing happens.  When her sharpshooting skills fails to aid in her escape, she finds a wanted stranger to help.

The Good

  • World Building. Hamilton creates a new and interesting “Middle East” like backdrop with a monarchy and fantastic beings.  I’m not familiar with Arabian Nights which I guess this is supposed to be a retelling.  There were several legends and unfamiliar vocab which I wasn’t sure if it was part of the legend or mythology but I read it on my Kindle and when I looked it up; I got no results.  So I’m assuming that the mythical horse is made up?  If it all is made up, it was interesting.

The Bad

  • The Plot.  I felt like there was no real plot. It’s just about a girl trying to escape her town but to do what exactly? Find an aunt that may or may not be alive? This was basically a “road trip” adventure story where things kept impeding her progress.  That’s it but I found it a bit boring.
  • Predictable.  She’s the only girl in town with blue eyes and she sees one other person with blue eyes. It’s pretty obvious that this is important to the plot.  Jin, the wanted stranger, has a mysterious backstory…bum, bum, bum.  Spoiler: When you have a story with a long lost prince, chances are one of the principle characters is that prince-COME ON!
  • Info Dumping.  There were so many legends and stories behind each fantastic beast and histories of each town and none of them were told creatively.  The action would stop and we’d get another dump.  If there is going to be a new world, authors have to find a better way of informing the reader of all the rules, towns, legends, etc, than just dumping all the info.
  • Amani.  She’s a strong willed girl, she’s got a talent in sharpshooting, and she meets a hot guy.  How many heroines have we met like this? There was nothing particularly special about Amani.


The world was interesting but I found the plot to be predictable and boring.

Sorry guys, I know this is a fan favorite.



2 thoughts on “Rebel of the Sands

  1. Eep. I am so excited to read this one! But at the same time, your dislikes are things that I would notice and not like as well. o.o I read some early early reviews for this one — but the thing with those reviewers is, once they get an ARC of something SUPER early, they read it and 99% of the time their reviews are super positive (so they can brag, you know?). In any case, I want to give this one a shot but now I’m not as excited LOL.

    Excellent review, Dawn!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

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