Assassin’s Heart

assassin's heart

Assassin’s Heart (Assassin’s Heart Book 1)

By: Sarah Ahiers

Genre: Fantasy

Expected Publication: February 2, 2016

Bang Bang Rating: bombbomb1/2


Lea is a hired assassin and a devout follower of Safraella, the goddess of death and resurrection (?). Lea’s relationship with a member of a feuding family causes strife and Lea finds herself fighting to survive.

The Good

  • The World.  This is another brand new world that is reminiscent of the Italian coast.  This world has rules and gods/goddesses and the supernatural. Very interesting
  • Internal Conflict.  I liked how Lea’s revenge mission took control of everything and that there were several people telling her to change her mindset.  I think revenge is a common reaction for a lot of people and we can’t see past it.  Lea and the other characters provide a great lesson for the kiddies.
  • Risks.  Ahiers took plot risks and that was refreshing.

The Bad

  • Dead Horses.  Lea continued to repeat herself over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over.  Did you find all those overs annoying? Well that’s how I felt reading this book.  The plot of the book is pretty clear; we don’t need to beat over the head with it.
  • Characters.  Once again, these are all characters we’ve read a million times and there was nothing compelling about any of them.  There were a couple of romances and I didn’t care for either of them especially the last one. These teens fall in love too quickly.
  • Sudden Revelations. Lea is on the move for one special reason.  Half of the book was her in this town for this reason but then she suddenly has this revelation and it voids the reason for being there.  I’m not a ding dong; I know the reason for this part of the story-introduce new characters and conflicts and to obtain some answers but COME ON!


This book had such great potential because of the world but the writing just wasn’t strong enough.

I honestly don’t think I’ve read a debut who has written a great book 1.  I can see the growth of Maas between Throne of Glass and Heir of Fire and the growth of Bardugo between her Shadow and Bone Series and Six of Crows. I understand that fantasy can be tough for a debut and there is a strong likelihood that their writing will improve so perhaps this series will end on a better note.  Let me know if it does.


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