Down with the Shine

down with the shine

Down with the Shine

By: Kate Karyus Quinn

Genre: Magical Realism

Expected Publication: April 26, 2016

Bang Bang Rating: bombbomb 1/2


Lennie Cash’s name is legendary and not just for her criminal father but for her family’s legacy as moonshiners and wish granters.  Reeling from her friend’s brutal murder and wanting to fit in, Lennie unwittingly brings the magic moonshine to the party of the year where everyone makes outrageous wishes.  Lennie is then tasked with taking back those wishes and cleaning up her mess.

The Good

  • The Concept. Lennie’s family is basically faery godmothers/fathers and they do it through moonshine.  Lennie doesn’t know that the moonshine is magical and takes it to a party of selfish teens who make outlandish wishes.  Lennie then has to fix her mistake and it’s a huge mistake.  At the same time, she’s dealing with her friend’s murder and her horrible father.
    • I liked this take on wish granting and the frivolity that is being a teen with the power of one wish.

The Bad

  • The Protagonist. I wanted to like Lennie and I did somewhat but her constant pining after a boy who was nasty to her and a total hoebag was infuriating.  Besides being attractive, I don’t understand why she continued to desire him.  I felt like Lennie had more depth than to be this girl.
    • SPOILERISH-Lennie wishes to bring back her murdered friend and she comes back.  At one point, she disappears and instead of Lennie and her brother looking for her (the brother is the boy Lennie likes) they make out. WHAT?
  • The Execution.  The beginning was good and like I said, the concept was interesting but the execution of the story was lacking.  It dragged in the middle when she went back to the party to see the mess with all the wishes.  It was supposed to be humorous and it was a little bit but I found it to be boring.
  • Walking Dead. Lennie brought back her friend from the dead but she never really talked to her. The girl would disappear and since it’s told in Lennie’s POV, we don’t really see or hear from her. Perhaps this book is not about the friend but I felt like this was a missed opportunity.


I’m at a loss with this book. I liked the beginning and the end but the middle was agony.  I was excited for this book because I’ve enjoyed this author before and it’s been a while since she has written a book but this was a bit of a let down.


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