Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten 2015 Releases I Meant To Get To But Didn’t

I don’t like to read backwards but I’m on a selection committee this year and I can’t blog about ARCs as much as I have so I’m going to have to read older books this year (and yes, I consider 2015 to be old books)

  1. Illuminae-I tried this twice last year but it all the info became overwhelming. I couldn’t decipher what was important and non important info.  I’m listening to in now but I can’t follow it so I’m going to try to read it a third time. 
  2. Lair of Dreams-Ashley @TheTatteredPage so graciously got this for me at BEA and I started it and it was so long, I put it aside for later.  Later is this year.
  3. The Hired Girl-I love Downton Abbey…enuf said
  4. The Heart of Betrayal-I’m going to reread this series because I LOVE it and my copodcaster and I might do a reread.
  5. Vicious-I know this is 2013 but I love her other series and I want to get to this one.

I feel like I read everything that was on my radar for last year so I couldn’t come up with ten books.  Do you have recommendation for me? (Disclaimer, I prefer fantasy/science fiction and the Goodreads rating is gospel-if it’s under 4.0, I probably won’t read it.)



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