Disappointing Reads of 2015

I didn’t do a disappointing reads because I thought it would be a bit mean but then I saw a bunch of book tubers do it so I decided to give it a go.  38/73 books I read received two or three stars/bombs. (I know a bomb is usually associated with something bad, but for my blog, bombs are good).  Instead of doing a top ten list, I decided to focus on four books that everyone else seemed to enjoy except me.

 #1. Winter 

winterI loved the first three books in the series and then came Fairest-UGH! I love a good villain but Levana was so bad and so boring and so useless (imagine me whining as you read this).  My other issue was the writing.  I think I’ve grown as a writer and after reading books like Queen of Shadows, The Raven Cycle, Six of Crows, and The Remnant Chronicles, I expect better character development from my fantasy/science fiction books.  I also was really excited for the character of Winter because she was a loon but she was barely in her own book.

I know everyone loved it and it was on a plethora of best of 2015 lists but I was extremely disappointed and the only reason why I gave it three bombs instead of two is because I really liked the first three books. Click the title for a full review.


wrath#2. The Wrath and the Dawn

I’m not familiar with A Thousand and One Nights but I was really excited for this book.  It started off okay but then Shazi kept flip flopping-I love him; now I hate him; psych, I love him.  And she began to fall for him really quickly considering he murdered her best friend.

I don’t think the book was formatted correctly.  The reader knew Khalid was forced to murder his brides but Shazi didn’t and all her waffling did was bore me. “HE’S NOT A BAD GUY SO STOP TRYING TO KILL HIM!” I suppose readers who are familiar with the story know he’s a good guy so Ahdieh should have considered this when planning her novel.

All the characters had the same voice and NOTHING HAPPENED.

I met Ahdieh a couple of times and although she’s a lovely person, I couldn’t with that book. Click the title for the full review.

everything#3. Everything Everything

I wanted to like this book so much and I thought Yoon’s writing was beautiful but I had a problem with the predictability. UGH, I guessed it mid way through and then it turned into a TFIOS clone and the main character, Maddie, was not as dynamic as Olly.

Nicola was at a conference I attended and I didn’t feel right asking her to sign my ARC because it would have been faux fangirling and I always feel shame when I tell an author I loved their book when I didn’t.  Anyway, I’m sure she’s a lovely lady and because she’s a strong writer, I’ll probably read her next book.



#4. Saint Anythingsaint

This was my first and last Sarah Dessen book.  I think that clean YA is important and I recommend her books to teens all the time but once again, I think I’ve grown as a reader and her books just don’t do it for me.

This book was a MAJOR snoozefest.  Click title for full review.







Were there any books that everyone else liked but you just didn’t?


2 thoughts on “Disappointing Reads of 2015

  1. Yeah dude. If feel ya. Wrath I stopped midway. The story was meh and the audiobook was ridiculous. I’m sad cause I thought I would love it. Saint anything was my first Dessen book and I was very disappointed with that one too. I loved Winter but I think I was riding the high of reading that whole series for the first time. Always love you honestly Dawn!

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