This Week in Libraryland: Sewin’ & Bowlin’

this week in libraryland

This week in libraryland is my weekly post about life as a YA Librarian.  I have been a YA “librarian” for three years and for two of those years I have been working with Elise.  Being a YA librarian means you are a reader, a programmer, a techie, a listener, a venter, a friend, and so much more.  Everyday is never the same.


Elise and I do a bi-monthly podcast about YA book reviews.  For the past six months, we’ve podcasted books that are to be released the following Tuesday.  We will be changing our focus for the next year because I am on a selection committee and I must remain unbiased.  Reviewing certain books would look like favoritism.  If you are a follower of my blog, you may notice that I won’t be doing a lot of ARC reviews as this is because of my committee involvement.

Our final ARC podcast was for Shallow Graves by Kali Wallace.  Elise and I both gave this book 4.5 stars and we HIGHLY recommend it!

We also announced our Remnant Chronicles Reread-Join Us.

It’s summer reading club time!  Librarians begin planning for their summer reading club program months in advance so if you or your children participate in the summer reading club at your library, you’ll know that they’ve put in months of work.


We did emoji pouch/pillows with the teens.  We showed them how to sew and for many teens, this was the first time they’d ever used a sewing machine.


We started our volunteer/career readiness program for teens.  They volunteer once a week and they assist with programs and displays. Today, two middle schoolers worked on our I Am Malala display for our community reads program.

We registered for ALA Annual Conference!  ALA is a conference for library workers and this year it will be in Orlando.  I’ve already looked at tickets for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  I know many bloggers are interested in attending ALA.  If you’ve never been and don’t know what to expect, please check out my ALA for Noobs post.

I got the eGalley of Gathering of Shadows-YAY! I’ve been trying to get this for weeks.


Our teen book club, The Hardcover Society, is part of a galley review program and this month, they will be reviewing The King Slayer, Poisoned Blade, and Every Exquisite Thing.

One of our numerous jobs is to try to get teens to read.  Elise recommended a book to a non reader and once a week she comes in and tells us she’s now a reader.  On Thursday, she said she hasn’t watched TV in three months because all she does is read.  She asked for War and Peace and said she was going to read it but we talked her out of it (she’s in the eighth grade). Currently, her favorite author is Kasie West.

The Hardcover Society went bowling! Because The Mortal Instruments is a popular series at our library and is now a TV show, we wanted to attract new teens to join our book club with a bowling party.

After our bowling party, I went to another book club for adults where we discussed Game of Thrones.  Sadly, I didn’t make it past the prologue but I enjoyed listening to the convo.

And I concluded my long day by finishing Tell Me Three Things by Julie Buxbaum.


Our library isn’t open on Fridays!!



Teens rather sit in our office than the much larger teen room.

We had a Zine program.  A Zine is a magazine all about the creator.  It is folded with paper and created with text and graphics.


4 thoughts on “This Week in Libraryland: Sewin’ & Bowlin’

  1. I have to say, I LOOOOVE how involved and interactive you are with the kids! It is so, so refreshing, and it makes my heart happy! I take my kids to our local library, but there are basically NO librarians- usually we are the only people on the children’s floor- no other patrons, no employees. But what you do, wow. I just love it so much, because it’s inspiring, and I think back to how much I would have loved something like that when I was a teen!

    Also glad you guys liked Shallow Graves, I am excited to read it! And I also love the idea of the Remnant Chronicles re-read! I need to do that, so I am fully prepared for The Beauty of Darkness! Hope you have a fabulous week!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m sorry to hear about your library but I’m glad that doesn’t deter you from visiting with your kids.
      I hope you enjoy Shallow Graves and if you don’t get to reread KOD, I hope you catch the podcast so you can refresh your memory for HOB.

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