This Week in Libraryland: Everyone Benefits from the Weed

this week in libraryland

This Week in Libraryland a weekly post about life as a YA Librarian.  I have been a YA “librarian” for three years and for two of those years I have been working with Elise from Roulette Reader.  Being a YA librarian means you are a reader, a programmer, a techie, a listener, a venter, a friend, and so much more.  Everyday is never the same.


I hate Mondays because it’s my 11 hour work day-UGH and this Monday was filled with glorious meetings.  Meetings about the after school crowd and their not-so-great-behavior and meetings about grant writing for summer reading.

My post about mental health and working with teens went live on the School Library Journal website.

Being a YA librarian requires you to be current on popular technology. Technology? That’s not book related.  Nope but libraries are no longer book warehouses; they are enrichment centers and often the only large facility in town where people gather.  As a YA librarian, we view ourselves as an extension of school curriculum and with the reduction of tech ed in schools, we try to supplement.  Today, I taught myself to code with Ozobots.


Today was part two of teaching myself tech and today’s project was wearable LEDs. This is the process of sewing LEDs into fabric to make something fashionable.  In March, in honor of Batman vs Superman we are having the teens make their own superhero logo.  We will try to get them to sew LEDs in their creation but hand sewing is a lost art among many teens.  Here’s my logo of a diamond with a lightening bolt. There’s not backstory-I’m not that creative.  We get all our LED stuff from Adafruit. Check them out for videos on wearable LEDs.

ARC Box! Once every two months, Baker and Taylor sends us a box of ARCs for us to read and review.  As you can imagine, we always get REALLY excited when the ARC box comes.  I’m excited for Passion of Dolssa and I’ll read Star Touched Queen despite my boycott on debut fantasies.  If you are a librarian and you would like to receive ARCs from B&T, contact your local rep.


I began my morning by mailing books for #1000BlackGirlsBooks initiative.  For more info, please check out this article in School Library Journal.


Time for Valentine’s Day displays. It’s still January you say? Yes, but once V-day is over we take the display down and we want to have it up as early as possible.  Many libraries do the blind date with a book where we’ll wrap a book and it’s a surprise for the patron.  This year, I added a Cosmo like quiz for teens to pick the genre they should read.  They can also rate their date and if they return their rating sheet, they receive candy-woohoo.  This is always a fun display at libraries, so visit your local library to see if there are some fun V-day displays.

A teen began an intense debate with Elise when Elise said she said she would not vote for Trump.  We had a room full of teens and everyone got quiet.  We have a large Hispanic community and the teen voiced some disparaging comments about illegal immigrants. There were several Hispanic teens in the room to hear their debate and in the end, Elise was able to stress the damage of generalization.  I think most of the teens in the room learned a valuable lesson.


Today was weeding day!  Weeding is when librarians clear the shelves of books that don’t circulate. It is important to keep collections current, make room for new books, and to replace worn books.  I weed books a couple times of year and I clear out books that havn’t been checked out in one year.  This can be a painful process because we often see a book we love on the weed list but the silver lining is that local school librarians and teachers get first dibs to add to their collections.  After schools finish, library staff can raid the shelf and whatever is left over goes to the book sale where proceeds go back to the library.

Our monthly Minecraft Club met today and this club is the bane of my existence.  Not only am I not a gamer (I tried to get into Minecraft but I just got frustrated) but this program’s attendance is a roller coaster.  Last month we had two teens and I was about to cancel the program but this month we had fifteen teens-UGH.  Today’s challenge was the tower of terror. Teens had to race to the top while avoiding traps and PVP (player vs player).  We some technical difficulties but overall, they had fun. On to the next.

January is over and it was exhausting.  On to February!


My last Secret Sister package came today and my sister, Mariah from @readeradventure, sent me two Funkos to add to my collection-Daenerys’ dragon and Irene Adler.  Thanks to Mariah for all the great boxes; I loved everything.



I’ll be finishing A Gathering of Shadows and hopefully completing Symptoms of Being Human.

I’ll also be reading the first 13 chapters of Kiss of Deception for our Remnant Chronicles Reread.  If you’d like to join the reread, click here for the schedule and join us on our live podcast where we will break it all down.



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