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January was a good reading month as far as quantity but I didn’t read all the books I said I was going to read. Sadly there were no bombs this month (bomb is a good thing).  There was one close call but January was mostly duds.

There’s No Excuse

Illuminae: This is my third try with this book and this time I tried to listen but I couldn’t do it.  It’s not that it’s bad; it’s just that it’s overwhelming with all the names and dates and “Wikipedia.”

Game of Thrones: It took me 45 minutes to read the prologue and I watch the show and I know what happens and it still took me a long time because I wanted to get all the names and little details.  I gave up because I have other books to read and this would have sucked two weeks of my reading time.

My Accomplishments


4 thoughts on “The Read Pile

  1. NOOOO, I’m sorry there were all duds this month! Ack, especially with Illuminae. 😛 I thought that would definitely leave an explosion, but alas. I hope you enjoyed AGOS though!! I’m kind of scared to read it because I heard it has an epic cliffhanger… I also heard We Are the Ants and Tell Me Three Things are pretty great!

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