This Week in Libraryland: Super Batch

this week in libraryland

This Week in Libraryland a weekly post about life as a YA Librarian.  I have been a YA “librarian” for three years and for two of those years I have been working with Elise from Roulette Reader.  Being a YA librarian means you are a reader, a programmer, a techie, a listener, a venter, a friend, and so much more.  Everyday is never the same.

This was a very quiet week for us because we didn’t have many programs or school visits. But we aren’t complaining.


We started the week with our bi-monthly podcast called The Small Print Podcast.  For the next several weeks , we will be

hosting a reread of Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson.


IMG_1468My last package from my secret sister came.  Mariah from @readeradventure was an amazing sister and Elise and I get to look at Benedict Cumberbatch for a whole year!

I am also getting ready for our Anti-Valentine’s Day Week of activities.  Most teens don’t have a valentine so anti-Valentine’s Day activities are always a big hit.  I also prepared valentines for our regular teen participants to say thank you for being an awesome patron and supporter of their local public library!  We will also send valentines to all the district IMG_1456teachers who support the library.

I also walked into the office to see that someone had been messing around with my Funko Pops.  Danaerys and her dragon were missing from my shelf.  I found Danaerys in my desk but the dragon went missing for two days only to find that a coworker, Madelynn, has started a prank war-IT’S ON!


The first Tuesdays of every month is our Digiminds Engineering Club but the last couple of months have been a bust.  Unfortunately, no one came and I had to cancel it for the rest of the year.  This happens sometimes and it’s important to not let it affect your programming.  Most librarians are now forced to do programming without any education and the important thing to remember is to do some research and try again.

I started giving our avid readers information on BookCon since it will be in Chicago this year.  Last year we took nine teens to ALA and they still talk about it being the best day of their life.  We are a poor district and there are teens who won’t be able to afford the ticket so Elise and I are trying fund raise to get them to BookCon.  If you have any fund raising ideas, please tell me in the comment box.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


IMG_1475Today was retro gaming day.  We set out a vintage Chutes and Ladders game and Operation that we borrowed from a co-worker.  It’s nice to see that Chutes and Ladders never gets old.

Elise and I like to stay current on popular technology and we were recently able to purchase four Raspberry Pi’s but neither one of us know how to use it.  We don’t have the luxury of having an IT dept. that knows all this techy stuff so we have to teach ourselves or go to Tinker- a networking group of librarians who share techy know how.  Ask librarians in your region if there is a Tinker-like group near you.  Anyway, a 5th grade boy showed us the website he created and we wondered if he new how to use a Raspberry Pi.  He did and he was able to give us some direction.



Found out that Madelynn has been on a prank rampage and it was time for payback.  IMG_1492Before she came in for the day, I took everything out of her desk drawer except one piece of gum and a paperclip.  I now fear for my life.

I had to kick out three boys from the teen room for 3 months for being disrespectful.  Of course all the other teens got quiet because they are nosy and I took the opportunity to inform them that being disrespectful to adults gets you nowhere in life.

It’s Harry Potter World Book Night and I didn’t realize it until 10pm the previous night-#librarianfail.  We always have HP stuff laying around so I found our old Azkaban mug shot photo prop and gave out chocolate galleons as prizes.


We had a Madden Super Bowl program.  It was going to be a big deal with themed chips and a big screen but sadly we only had five participants.

madden superbowl

This is a week of program fails and pranks but next week will be different.


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