This Week in Libraryland: I Totally Schruted That!

This week in libraryland is my weekly post about life as a YA Librarian.  I have been a YA “librarian” for three years and for two of those years I have been working with Elise.  Being a YA librarian means you are a reader, a programmer, a techie, a listener, a venter, a friend, and so much more.  Everyday is never the same.

Monday-Tax Season, Yay?

IMG_2946Today was an 11 hour day for me and it began with visiting the Adult Services work room. For those of you who don’t work in a libraryland of your own, behind the scenes of the library; there are magical offices that contain all our projects.  I used to work in the adult department and it is tax season.  You’re a librarian, not the IRS office you say? Well, tell that to the hundreds of patrons who yell at us because we don’t know what form they need to claim their tractor.  So, the government sends tax forms and workbooks to libraries for people and they seem to think we are also tax accountants.  I now work in the teen department so I don’t have to deal with that, YAY!!!

The picture of that sneak is Madelynn. She is the prankster who I mentioned last month.  I’m keeping my eye on her.

Monday jumped off Anti-Valentine’s Week and today, teens made anti love valentine conversation hearts.

RUTA SEPETYS! We went to a local bookstore to meet Ruta as she talked about her newIMG_2949 book, Salt to the Sea.  It’s always interesting to see the demographic of book visits and this one was 97% senior citizens, 2% under 40, and 1% teen.  Salt to the Sea takes place in WWII Europe so that explained the audience.

After Ruta’s speech, which was awesome, one gentleman asked why she’s always a 16 year old girl in her books.  It never amazes me how ignorant adults are about YA fiction. (I’m not using ignorant as the negative connotation as we use it now. I mean it as it appears in the dictionary-lack of knowledge).  Adults still think that YA fiction is fluff and useless and does not contribute anything worthwhile to society.  They still think teens (and adults) only read about vampires and wizards.  Anyway, if you ever get the chance to see Ruta speak, I highly advise you to make the trip.


We live in the 21st Century where we must do lockdown drills instead of atomic bomb drills.  I won’t go into it but we had to go into lockdown and usher about 100 people into safe rooms. Two hours later, the police was called again to remove a woman who was shouting in the adult department.  Fun Times!

Today was open mic night and we normally get about 15 teens but because of all the police activity, we only had 5.  We always get some very talented and brave teens so enjoy Sarah and Phillip’s brief cover of Hello.

Wednesday-Target Practice

This day was a bit mild compared to Tuesday. It was VERY busy in the teen room because The Boys and Girls Club down the street is going through some management changes this week.  They reopen on Monday-Praise the Lord!

To continue Anti-Valentine’s Week, teens took shots at hearts with a suction gun.  I highly recommend a suction cup gun for anyone because it is a rush.  It’s a good time and if you are a librarian, teen LOVE it!

C2E2. I got approved to attend C2E2 in March!  This is a comic/entertainment convention in Chicago.  Professionals get a free pass on Friday and discounted for the weekend.  So, if you are going, I’ll see you there!

Thursday-3D Printin’


We purchased a 3D printer a couple of months ago and we are just now getting to learn how to use it.  It’s not as difficult as I thought it was going to be.

Elise attempted to make a constellation of her astrological sign and it didn’t work out so well-She totally Schruted it.  Elise loves The Office so these random quotes happen often. I on the other hand, quote Seinfeld but she never gets them. My print is in the video. Can you guess what it’s going to be?

We visit our local high school to promote teen programming and today, their teachers who have a band called, Teacher Band, did some cover music during lunch. That’s cool.

We got a new 58″ TV! 

Once a month, our teen book discussion group meets at Culver’s and this month we discussed Nimona and I Am Malala.  I Am Malala was our community reads book this month.  Everyone loved Nimona as we knew they would.

Well, I’m officially exhausted. See ya next week.


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