Top Ten Tuesday: Authors

I like music but I don’t think about it when it comes to books so I decided to deviate from the music and books topic and go with the top ten authors I’d like to meet and the top ten authors I have met.

Top Ten Authors I’d Like to Meet

  1.  JK Rowling-It will never happen but one can dream
  2. John Green-I had my chance a couple of months ago but it was a bad snow storm and I don’t wanna talk about it.  (quietly sobbing)
  3. Marie Rutkoski-I love The Winners Trilogy and she’s from Illinois and it should be easy to meet her but it hasn’t happened yet.  She’ll be in the Chicago land area in April but it’s so far. Hopefully she’ll be at BEA or ALA.
  4. VE Schwab-Love her books and she’s also one of those authors that I haven’t been able to meet.
  5. Rainbow Rowell-She was in Chicago a couple of months ago but I didn’t want to go by myself so I didn’t go.  She doesn’t do a lot of appearances so I doubt I’ll see her at BEA or ALA
  6. Barry Lyga-Loved the I Hunt Killers series
  7. Becky Albertalli-She’s been touring a lot but not at any of the places I’ve been.  I’m sure I’ll see her somewhere-not worried about it.
  8. Robin LaFevers-Loved His Dark Assassin Series
  9. E. Lockhart-I liked We Were Liars and I know I’m in a small club
  10. Patrick Ness-No explanation needed

Top Ten Authors I’ve Met and if you get a chance, grab it ’cause they are awesome

  1. Adam Silvera-I was going to see him at a conference and he happened to be at a Julie adam silvera signingMurphy visit the night before. I was just going to say hi and tell him I’d see him the following day but he stopped and talked to me and Elise (my copodcaster/coworker) for about 15 minutes.  He was so funny and cool and the best author I’ve ever met.  Even if you haven’t read More Happy Than Not (which you should BTW; it’s amazing) I implore you to meet Adam.
  2. Leigh Bardugo-I met her at a teen author conference and I was able to sit at a table with her for the entire day.  (I got there early and got lucky b/c her table was one of the popular ones.) She’s so down to earth and she remembered that I was one of the early reviews of her book!
  3. ava annie sabaaSabaa Tahir-Sabaa probably thinks I’m a stalker but I’m not. I was the second person in line of her signing at ALAMW 2015 when Ember wasn’t even released yet and I fangirled hard.  I had lunch with her the following day for a speed dating teen event. The following day, Elise and I were invited by her publisher for a private lunch with her and 6 other book people.  I passed her several times in the exhibit hall that weekend.  Then in May, she came back to Chicago for a different conference and she was sitting a couple rows in front of me.  She happened to turn around to scan the room and she mouthed, “Hi Dawn.” SHE REMEMBERED MY NAME!  My coworker, not Elise, who was sitting next to me was pissed because she also loves Sabaa and Sabaa didn’t say hi to her-HA!
  4. Judy Blume-I had to present at ALA 2014 and she was signing 2 hours before my presentation.  I didn’t care; I stood in her line for 1.5 hours and then hauled ass to my presentation.  I met my childhood hero!
  5. Maggie Stiefvater– I met her a couple of times and she’s always an engaging speaker.
  6. Andrew Smith-I heard him speak and this man is a hoot. He doesn’t give two shits what anyone says or thinks and I love it.
  7. Mary E. Pearson-The Remnant Chronicles is one of my faves and I got the pleasure to meet her at ALA 2014.  Once again, I had to haul ass across 114 degree Vegas weather to see her but it was worth it.
  8. Julie Berry-You know that time when an author’s line is short and you didn’t really like their book enough to gush but it’s a short line so you get a book signed and then two years later you read their second book and freaking love it and you feel bad because you met them but because you half assed your fangirling you don’t count it as meeting them? Well that’s me with Julie.  Hopefully I’ll get to fangirl properly the next time I meet her.
  9. Adam Selzer-Adam is a Chicago author and I see him at these local events.  He’s notTop ten tuesday pic 1 necessarily as big as the above authors but he’s such an engaging man.  I had two teens with me when I met him and they still remember him.  He’s such a cool person and he’s also one of those speakers who could give two shits.
  10. James Dashner-I met him at the same conference as Bardugo and I liked the Maze Runner but not enough to fangirl.  But then I met Dashner. That man is the life of the party.  I was expecting some boring fogey who took himself too seriously but Dashner was the exact opposite.  If you get to meet him, do so. You’ll have a great time.

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