This Week in Libraryland: The Runaway Chips Have Lost the Battle

this week in libraryland

This week in libraryland is my weekly post about life as a YA Librarian.  I have been a YA “librarian” for three years and for two of those years I have been working with Elise.  Being a YA librarian means you are a reader, a programmer, a techie, a listener, a venter, a friend, and so much more.  Everyday is never the same.

Monday:  Yes, We’re Open

IMG_1552Today was President’s Day and it’s a federal holiday but we were still open-YaY.  When there’s no school, we don’t have a lot of teens in the teen room so I guess it’s sort of like a holiday.

Elise and I usually podcast today but Elise called in so we postponed it.

I found out today that one of our teens who’s been coming to the library since she was 5 is going into the Navy.  Not sure what to get someone going into basic training, I took it to Twitter and was told stamps and stationary was appropriate.

Tuesday:  Bookmail

BOOKMAIL! I’m on the Best Fiction For Young Adults (BFYA) committee for 2017 and that IMG_1553means I have to read books nominated by the public and pick the top ten YA books of the year.  Because of this, I cannot do ARC reviews for the year but it could be seen as biased.  The perk, however, is that I get lots of books to read. Here’s my first shipment but unfortunately I can’t show you the titles.

Today was our weekly craft series called Designernoons and today teen could design and print their own tattoos.  This is Nate’s and I forgot what it says.

Elise’s happy dance is the Cabbage Patch but she didn’t know that was the title.  I gave her a brief history of it, since I’m A LOT older than her, and she decided to look up an informative Youtube video. She didn’t know I was taking the photo.

Wednesday: #podcastfail

IMG_1557Today was podcast day and we attempted to do our first Soundcloud podcast but Elise’s computer is a bit shitty and it deleted somehow.  Then the Google Hangout wasn’t working because her Java needed an update and my Mac wasn’t recognizing my password.  She got her Java updated and we did a Hangout but I accidentally said some stuff that needed editing and I did edits in Windows Movie Maker and NOBODY accepts Movie Maker so to make a long story short, we recorded two OTP podcasts but were unable to get it to Soundcloud.  We were however able to get out Kiss of Deception Reread: Chapters 14-27 recorded. You’re welcome.

Thursday:  I Am Malala

I mentioned this last week but our Community Reads this year is I Am Malala and all of our bookclub read and discussed it.  This week was our Millennials bookclub’s turn.


Saturday: Runaway Chips

IMG_2989Today was our first annual Battle of the Books.  This is when teens read from a list of books and schools create their own teams to compete in a trivia contest.  Only one school could gather a team and they competed against the library team-Runaway Chips.  (The name is meaningless. I just didn’t want a bookish name). Three of our teens texted me the night before to say they couldn’t make it and one girl didn’t show up so we ended up with two team members and that is why we came in last place.

We had a watercolor Shakespeare quote program and I like both of those things. Here’s what I created.

The prank war continues! This was a picture of lady who used to work at the library and her picture ended up in my drawer-highlight of my week.

Our third annual author festival, Authors After Hours is in early April, and we are starting the promotion.  Our theme is Smells Like Teen Reading, 90’s grunge, and we get our teens to pose for our promotional materials.

This was kind of an uneventful week but this happens sometimes.  Hope you had an enjoyable week. See ya next time.


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