25 Bookish Things About Me

25 Bookish

I saw this tag on Arctic Books and it looked like fun so here goes…

  1. Before I read any book, I always check to see the page length.  I don’t know why. Whether the book is 700 pages or 150 pages, if I want to read it; I will.  All I know is that I’ve done this my entire chapter book reading life.
  2. I hate sad stories so I avoid realistic fiction like the plague.  I’ll only read it if I have to.
  3. I like a happy ending.
  4. I always read the book before I see the movie however, I won’t read the book if it’s a TV show.
  5. I do not buy books sight unread.  I will only buy a book after I read it and loved it and…
  6. Plan on getting it signed by the author.  I only want…
  7. Hardcovers signed by authors-no ARCs or paperbacks.
  8. I usually try to have the author write a quote from their book or BLANK loves BLANK IMG_1503forever.
  9. After reading a book I really liked, I check the author’s site to see if they are speaking in the area.  I also look to see if they live in the Chicago area so I can invite them to my teen book club.
  10. If I only liked one book from a series, I will only buy that book to have the author sign.  I won’t buy the entire series.  For example, I only own and have Stiefvater’s signature on Dream Thieves and I probably won’t buy Raven Boys or Blue Lily.  Don’t judge me.
  11. I am deeply ashamed of this but I don’t buy a lot of books.  Because I’m a librarian, I get free books hand over fist. I’m not bragging, just stating the facts.  I’ve probably only purchased 10 books in the past 2 years. If I kept all the free books I’v obtained over the past three years, I’d own over 300 books. But…
  12. I only own about 30 books. I just bought a bookshelf two months ago.
  13. I prefer to read hardcovers over paperbacks because they lay better but…
  14. I really like eBooks because I can read them in the dark and I seem to get through them faster and I can take notes and I can look up vocab easily.
  15. I always take the jacket off when I first get a book to see if there are any surprises. IMG_1754
  16. I don’t like to read backwards. That means I don’t like to read books from the previous year and prior so I try to read as many books as I can from the current year so I don’t miss anything.
  17. I’m trying to collect every edition of Harry Potter.  This will be an expensive endeavor seeing as there’s a new edition every year.  I’m still working on first editions, so if anyone has any they’d like to trade, let me know. Thanks!
  18. I can only read one book at a time.  I don’ t know how people can read multiple books at once-fascinating.
  19. I have an author bucket list.
  20. Exhibit halls are my sport.  I leave the day in pain and dehydrated but it’s worth it.  I also love to see my coworker’s face the first time they experience an ALA exhibit hall.
  21. I don’t judge books by their cover.
  22. I’ve been told that I’m very picky about the books I read.
  23. I don’t read crappy books-that’s my personal motto.  I ALWAYS check the GR rating.IMG_1611 If it’s under 4.0, it’s highly unlikely I’ll read it.  I check Edelweiss for “much loves” and I check to see how many star ratings a books has.  If it has 20 or more “much loves” or at least 3 star reviews, I WILL read it.  I know this is sad but I make no apologies.
  24. I read an ARC as soon as I get it. I read Winner’s Crime 6 months before it was published so I’ve had to wait a year and a half for the last book.  I don’t wait until all the books are published although I see the appeal.
  25. Bookmail is the highlight of my day.


So what do we have in common?


One thought on “25 Bookish Things About Me

  1. Love this post! I haven’t met any of my favorite authors YET but I look forward to that day. I also check pages before I read. Oddly enough, I get most excited about thick books. I just think about how much awesomeness must be in its pages lol
    Ditto to 1, 3, 4, 13 & 25 🙂

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