Top Ten Tuesday

Ten of the most recent five star ratings (or bang). As I went back through my GR, I realized that I don’t give a lot of bangs so I had to go back pretty far to get ten-fascinating. I do give a lot of 4.5s and 4.75s and I haven’t given any bangs so far this year.

Click on the titles to read my full review.

  1.  Queen of Shadows-By far my favorite of the series.
  2. The Walls Around Us-This is a dark magical realism tale of a ballerina who stops at nothing to be the best.  There’s also a slight nod to Orange is the New Black.  If you like creepy yet empowering books, read this NOW!
  3. Six of Crows-This was my number 1 read of 2015.  If you are waiting to read it, don’t.
  4. More Happy Than Not-This was the first debut I think I’ve ever given 5 stars to.  Adam Silvera is also my favorite author.
  5. Challenger Deep-It deserves the NBA; great book

6.  Bone Gap-This was my second fave of the year and it was my fave when I read it February ’15 and I didn’t think anything was going to top it.  Bone Gap is magical realism with a large dose of feminism.  If you are tired of fluffy books and are ready for a thinker, grab this one quickly.  It just won the Printz award which is awarded to the best YA book of the year and it’s well deserved.

7.  Wolf by Wolf-I hate historical fiction but this book was fantastic.  I think this is an incredibly under rated book so if the idea of Hitler’s plan for an Aryan race prevailed past WWII and a Jewish girl who can skin shift to look like anyone is tasked with assassinating Hitler intrigues you, READ IT NOW.

8. Grasshopper Jungle-I know a lot of people didn’t like this but I usually love books that are extremely different from what I’ve ever read.  If you didn’t like GJ, I encourage you to hear Smith speak, he’s dynamo!

9. Winner’s Curse-I liked this so much I read it twice and I RARELY reread books.  Kestrel has become my favorite heroine and is second only to Hermione.  If you are waiting to read it for all three books to be published, today is your lucky day b/c Winner’s Kiss came out today and when I’m done with this post; I’m off to BAM to buy it!!!

10. Kiss of Deception-This was my favorite read of 2014.  This is 2/4 books I’ve ever reread. Coincidently, my coworker Roulette Reader and I are podcasting a reread of KOD so scroll down for details.  Anyway, the world building and storytelling is AMAZING! I think many people got caught up in the supposed love triangle, but this book is SO MUCH MORE.  If you want to know how much more, I encourage you to check out the first episode of the reread.


Below are podcasts Roulette Reader and I have done.  Please listen and enjoy.  We’ve since changed our format. You can now find The Small Print Podcast on SoundCloud and iTunes. You can also follow us on Twitter at @smallprintpod.  Feel free to ask us questions to us to answer on our weekly podcast-every Wednesday.  


5 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. I haven’t read any of these books, but they definitely sound good. The Winner’s Trilogy has been on my TBR for a while especially. Going to check them all out! Thanks for the list.

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