BEA 2016: Day 1

I started my day with Day of Dialog, an SLJ event. This is a day where librarians meet publishers and hear their favorite upcoming releases.  There are also author panels and keynote speakers.  I saw a MG panel about serious topics featuring Raina Telgemeier and Jason Reynolds. I’ve seen Jason at several events and it’s always interesting to see people flock to him after he speaks.  If you’ve never heard him speak or have never met him, do so.

I also got a chance to meet some of my BFYA committee Members but I missed my Hub editor, Molly.

I got to the exhibit hall at 2pm and it was hoppin’. I saw several bloggers but I was too

much of a dork to say hi.  I don’t think people know me by my Twitter name, so I don’t say hi.  I’ll try harder.

To close the day, I had dinner with some other bloggers that were from Canada, UK, MN, and of course IL.  That’s whats so great about BEA!

Even though I make a schedule weeks in advance, I always end up ruining around like a maniac. Today, I will stick to my schedule…hopefully.


  • Ghosts by Raina
  • Peculiar Bag from Quirk and a butt load of other bags.
  • The King Slayer



  • The Lie Tree
  • Crown’s Game
  • Killing Jack the Ripper.

What where your YAYs and DANG ITS?


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