BEA Day 2

The day began by almost missing the train but we made it with 2 minutes to spare-PHEW!  The other major train event was the spoiling of Me Before You by a co-worker.  Today, I came with my co-podcaster/co-worker, Elise from Roulette Reader.

Fun things we saw

First thing we did was go to the VIP lounge to sit down-I’m so old.

Nothing much happens until 1pm which is when EVERYTHING HAPPENS!  I got my ticket for Amy Lukavics at Harlequinn and that was high on the to do list. I tried to get into the MacMillan line to get Vassa but that was a HOT MESS so I gave up. Also at 1pm was the Stalking Jack the Ripper galley and luckily a co-worker got it for us.

The other major event I was excited for was Adam Silvera’s signing of his new book, History is all you Left Me.  I love Adam but he is a talker and it took one hour to get through his line.  He did remember me from a visit in October and I got a hug. YAY!

Elise’s name tag kept flipping so she got creative.


  • Stalking Jack the Ripper
  • Amy Lukavics signing my book
  • Seeing Adam again.


  • Didn’t get Vassa in the Night
  • Didn’t get And the Trees Crept In
  • I missed a Brownie Party
  • Kinda wanted to meet Ransom Riggs but I knew that line was going to be ridonculous, so didn’t bother.
  • Kinda wanted to see Tahereh to see what she was wearing-was not a fan of the Shatter Me series but am a fan of her fashion sense.
  • Turns out Trevor Noah was not there.

Pick up this awesomeness but I’m NOT House Lannister!


Overall, I had a great time & I’m super exhausted and will be in the exhibit hall at 1:30pm tomorrow because I’m old and tired.   Hope to see you some of you.

I’m a blogger for The Hub and I do a monthly post called Diversify YA Life.  My May post will be diversity at BEA and if you are a YA blogger of color and want to be interviewed for the post, please contact me below.


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