Raven King Spoiler Edition

So let’s begin with Pynch (Adam and Ronan).  I wasn’t in love with this pairing.  We knew from Dream Thieves that Ronan was in love with Adam but I don’t recall Adam questioning his sexuality at any time in this series.  If I’m wrong, please let me know.  I’m glad that Ronan found happiness because Lord knows he needed it but it just seemed forced.  Thoughts? Am I alone in this?

I want to make sure I understood everything.  There were a lot of bees and hornets and wasps with Henry’s robobee and Piper’s demon and the humming people heard before they were possessed.  I know it’s all about Gansey and the way he dies which he does get “stung” by the demon who was killing Cabeswater and therefore Ronan and he sacrificed himself to save Ronan. I got all that but what happened to Noah? I think I missed something because Noah died because Gansey’s life was spared.  I’m assuming Noah died but I don’t remember when.

I’m also confused about Artemus and the tree thing.  So I know that there’s a diseased tree in Cabeswater and Artemus is a tree light and there’s a chapter about the only thing that can fight the demon is the oldest tree in town but where was the oldest tree?  Was this a commentary about deforestation?

Does anyone know what the Orphan Girl symbolized?

That ending!  I loved the ending even though this entire series has been about finding Glendower and after all that he was ash and bones.  When Blue kissed Gansey and he died, all the tears and sobs.  I love fantasies for the liberties it can take with immortality and I’m glad that everyone lived happily ever after.

Overall, I gave it 4.5 instead of 5 because there was a moment where the story dragged and I was ready for it to be over and then Glendower was dead after all that-UGH!  It was a great series and I’m excited for Stiefvater’s new project which I hear is going to be adult fiction.



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