Torch Against the Night Spoiler Edition

So let’s begin with Laia.  This girl and her bracelet knocked someone clear across the room and then the bad guy looks in her hiding place and doesn’t see her and she doesn’t question it? What kind of a dumb ass doesn’t question invisibility?

The Nightbringer. His backstory was very interesting but it was all info dumped and I actually liked Keenan, WTF?  I felt like there were no clues in either book.  There should always be clues.  So she banged the nightbringer and we know she took birth control but I’m sure it’s not 100% so is she going to birth the spawn of the nightbringer? Will she have new special powers from nightbringer sperm? Do nightbringers have sperm?  Well at least we found out who the spy was.

Helene’s Family. Hannah was FAR more interesting than Livia.  I wanted Hannah to be Marcus’ wife and be a total badass and nemesis to Helene. But no!

Harper.  I knew I liked Harper but I did not see that coming.  I have a feeling the final reveal of their father is going to be some incredibly minor character and a major let down.  I’ve heard Sabaa say that if it were up to her, she wouldn’t reveal Elias’ father because he doesn’t care.  SHE BETTER NOT! I was theorizing that it was the leader of the revolution (forgot his name) or possibly her own father (ew) but I have a feeling it’s a character we haven’t met yet. Anyway, I like Harper and and I think he and Helene are going to become an item.



6 thoughts on “Torch Against the Night Spoiler Edition

  1. Harper? Harper and Helene are going to become an item? I guess my Helene/Elias ship is pretty much at the bottom of the ocean now…

    • I was and are still hoping for Helene/Elias but I won’t get my hopes up. Helene/Harper is just speculation but I won’t be upset if it happens.

      • I see, well, I’m liking this Harper character already. Oh, if Laia hooked up with the Nightbringer, then I guess all isn’t going well for the Laia/Elias ship too?

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