Beauty of Darkness

beauty of darkness

Beauty of Darkness (Remnant Chronicles #3)

By Mary E. Pearson

Genre: High Fantasy

Publication Date: August 2, 2016

Bang Bang Rating: bombbombbombbomb 3/4


Lia and Rafe have barely escaped Venda and Rafe must get his entire entourage to Dalbreck before Kaden and the Komizar finds them.

The Good

  • Team Lia. One of the campaign slogans is Team Lia and if you go to a tour stop, you can get a sticker that says such.  Basically it means that there is no Team Kaden or Team Rafe and that Lia is strong enough to bring down the Komizar, the Dragon, and the traitors in Morrighan.  What’s good about this is that Lia is the same strong heroine she was since book one.  Yes, she has grown but Kaden and Rafe don’t save the day; Lia saves it.  I won’t say how she saves it; you’ll have to read the spoiler edition.
  •  Never Predictable.  We know going in that Venda is going to storm Morrighan and that Lia has to sacrifice herself and that the Chancellor is a traitor. But even though we know all of this, there are several twists to the plot and you never quite know who the bad guys are until the end.
  • Relationships. Lia and Rafe have their squabbles but their arguments are mature.  I think some authors feel pressure to create tension between lovers and their disagreements become immature shouting matches.  I thoroughly enjoyed the relationship between Lia and Rafe and Lia and Kaden.
  • All the other stuff I liked about the first 2 books.  Kiss of Deception Heart of Betrayal. My coworker and I also podcasted a reread of books 1 and 2 so check it out of you are interested in breaking them down chapter by chapter.

The Bad

  • Very Long. 670 Pages Long. The only problem I had was that it was a bit too long.  In the first two books I felt everything drove the plot at 80 MPH but there were parts of this book where the chapter was driving the plot but it was at 30 MPH.  I know Mary was trying to tie up all the storylines but after awhile I just wanted to get to the battle.
  • I actually had one other problem but you read about it in the spoiler edition.


The Remnant Chronicles is my fourth favorite series of all time and I enjoyed every word of it.  The world building and the characters and the intense plot was one of a kind and although I’m sad to see it end, I’m glad I discovered this wonderful series.

Spoiler Edition



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