10 Things We Hate About YA Fantasy

If you are like us and read A LOT of YA fantasies, there are probably several reoccurring things that bother you about them.  Elise from Roulette Reader and I listed our top 10.  These are in no particular order.

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  1.  The Waffle House-Make a decision already, GEEZ!
  2. Deus Ex Machina- Fight your own battles, dammit!
  3. The Lonely Island-Get yourself some girlfriends, girlfriend.
  4. The Guinevere Complex-Brown eyes are beautiful too.
  5. Good Morning Info Dump-Spread the wealth.
  6. Tale of a Million Cities-I can’t keep up with all these dang names!
  7. The Evil Plan-Thanks for telling me your plans so I can now defeat you.
  8. I Would Walk 500 Miles-I hope your journey is a long (and interesting) one.
  9. The War Strategist- You were a pickpocket and now you are winning wars? Nope
  10. Empty Affirmation-I’m a good person. People like me.

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