Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten TV Shows

I haven’t done TTT in a while but when I saw that the topic was TV, I had to make a list.  I love TV.

I did two lists-top ten current TV shows & top ten of all time.

Top Ten Current TV Shows 

Veep-Veep is one of the funniest shows of all time.  Even if you don’t like politics, watch it because it makes fun of politicians.

Game of Thrones-No need to explain

Sherlock-I came three seasons late to this party but I’m glad I’m here.  If you’re one of those who keep hearing about it but you are unsure, do it.  It’s only ten episodes and it’s on Netflix.

Scandal-I don’t usually watch dramas and I’m not into politics but this show is so over the top…

Dance Moms-I’ve loved Dance Moms since the beginning.  About 4 years ago, there was a convention in Philly and I saw some dancers in the elevator. I asked if Dance Moms was here and they said no-LIARS! I saw the episode later that year and it was in my hotel.  Still upset about this.

Project Runway-I love to see them create dresses from scratch in a matter of hours.  Faves of all time-Christian and Dimitri

Big Bang Theory-I’ll be sad when this goes off the air.

The Goldbergs-If you were a kid in the 80’s, this show is for you.  Every episode is like a year in my life.

The Mindy Project-I can’t believe this show was cancelled but Fox kept New Girl.  Glad Hulu picked it up because Mindy has no shame and it’s great.

Superstore-This is a new show on NBC with America Fererra and it’s hilarious.  If you like comedies, watch it. Watch it now-It’s on Hulu too.

Favorite TV Shows of All Time

  1. Seinfeld-The best written show with the best characters.  I quote it all the time but no one ever gets my references.  That’s what happens when you work with Millennials.
  2. Roseanne-Saw the first episode as a kid and loved it ever since. I’ve seen every episode at least 15 times.
  3. MASH-I saw the movie about 15 years ago and decided to watch the show.  This also has some of the best characters on TV.
  4. Veep-See above
  5. Monk-Great show if you like Sherlock Holmes type shows.
  6. Ugly Betty-The last episode sat in my TIVO for months because I didn’t want it to end.
  7. Absolutely Fabulous-This is a 90’s British show about two women who do everything in excess-alcohol, drugs, sex, and shopping.  For the 90’s this show was risqué.  If you like British comedy, I HIGHLY recommend Ab Fab.
  8. Frasier-I discovered this show last year and I didn’t read for two months because I was too busy binging Frasier.
  9. SNL-Watch it every week and have since the 90’s.
  10. My So Called Life-This was only on for one year in 1994 and it starred Claire Danes and Jared Leto.  This show was way before its time and if you like Degrassi or any of those ABC Family shows, you’ll love this show.

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