SPOILER EDITION!! Empire of Storms

  • The ship I loooooooooved was Elide and Lorcan.  I liked the way Maas really took her time to develop this courtship.  I liked that Lorcan was weak and couldn’t stop himself when it came to Maeve.  I love Elide and I thought she was a goner for a second I was going to be pissed! I found myself enjoying their storyline much better than Aelin’s. Did anyone else feel this way?
  • I was really confused at the end with Aelin and Lysandra.  I know Lysandra’s mission is to impersonate Aelin until the real Aelin can make her escape but what did Aedion mean about he would have been having sex with his cousin?  That confused me.
  • What was with all the hooking up? I’m used to the slow burn romances Maas writes.  I think the one that got me was Dorian and Manon.  Yes, I ship Dorian and Manon but I just thought it happened too quickly.  One could argue that they’re all gonna die anyway so might as well get their freak on and I would agree but I still thought it may have been a little quick.

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