Nevernight Spoiler Edition

  • The Map.  I always flip to the last page to see the number of pages and I’m so glad I didn’t see that final map.  What a great element to add and an additional storyline for book 2.
  • I Guessed It. I knew Mia’s brother wasn’t dead.  I thought he may have been the boy during her final test but I liked how Kristoff revealed it and that we still don’t know.

I also guess that Ashlinn was up to no good.  She was just a bit too nice too quickly.     Although I guessed it, it was still a good surprise and I liked that Kristoff gave the reader clues along the way.

  • The Issue With the Ending.  I just thought Mia figured out that Ashlinn was the bad guy a bit too quickly and conveniently.
  • I’m bummed that Tric was killed off.  I liked them but I’m glad their romance didn’t get in the way of her mission.  I was upset at Mia’s response to the final battle she had with Tric.
  • Theories.  That ending led me to believe that his book is post apocalyptic-the moon disappears? Great ending.

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