Crooked Kingdom Spoiler Edition

This is the spoiler edition of Crooked Kingdom so if you haven’t read the book, I strongly advise that you skip this until you do.


Let’s begin with the most important thing…

  • Kaz and Inej!!!  They are officially my new favorite couple-unseeding Blue and Gansey.  I found myself getting excited when it was a Kaz or Inej chapter because I knew they were going to talk about their feelings or they would be in the scene together.  Oh My God, the scene in the boat when Kaz said he would crawl on his hands and knees to find her-sobs, all the sobs.  During the chapter where Kaz was dressing her wounds, I read it really slow because I didn’t want to miss any small touches.  I found myself getting anxious for them to kiss during the entire book but at the end I just wanted them to hold hands and they did and it was the best romantic touch ever.

He loves her so much and I’m glad that even by the end of the series they weren’t making out but he was still getting over his fear.  Kaz is such an amazing character that I almost wish he was a real person because I’d want to be his friend.  I wouldn’t want to live in Ketterdam but he could visit me in a far far far off land.  Gansey (from Raven Boys) is my all time favorite male character but Kaz is a close second.

If anyone knows where I can get some Kaz and Inej swag, let me know ’cause I need some.

  • Nina and Matthias.  I knew someone was going to die and I had a feeling it was going to be Matthias.  Matthias is my least favorite of the group so when he died I was sad for Nina’s loss and not the loss of the character.
  • I was happy to see Nicholai’s return because I loved him in the Grisha series.  I almost thought The Darkling was going to make an appearance but no.
  • I liked the ending. ( I enjoy a happy ending).  I felt everyone found their happiness.  When Inej’s family arrived, I was over the moon-GREAT ENDING TO THE SERIES.

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