Poison’s Kiss


Poison’s Kiss (Poison’s Kiss #1)

By Breeana Shields

Genre: Fantasy/ Indian Folklore/Cultural

Expected Publication Date: January 10, 2017

Bang Bang Rating:

Review: bombbombbomb

Marinda is a visha kanya, a killer with one touch, who works for the Raja.  She’s been a visha kanya since she was five and she rationalizes her job by believing she is killing bad men.  Marinda also takes care of her seven year old brother, forgot his name, who has a lung infection and needs medication to survive.

Of course everything is okay until Marinda meets a hot nice guy-Deven. And of course she is ordered to kill him.  This is not a spoiler; it’s on the book jacket.  I’m not mad at this because this just means that the book is not about her order to kill Deven but about what Marinda does to save him and what she does isn’t necessarily the problem I had with the book.

My major issue was Marinda-she was a dumb dumb. This girl works for an evil man, can’t remember his name, who is a sadist. Marinda is a blind believer of an evil system.  She asks questions but she only asks one and believes everything people tell her. SHE WORKS IN A BOOKSTORE; READ A FUCKING BOOK!

The folklore is interesting and everyone is brown which is great.  The relationship between Marinda and Deven was sweet and believable.  The book’s flow was okay; it was never boring. The character development, however, is what killed this book.  It’s only 300 pages and I believed the villain and the best friend could have been developed better with more pages.

Did you read Poison’s Kiss? What did you think?


2 thoughts on “Poison’s Kiss

  1. This book sounds amazing…I heard about it a few weeks ago only, and it’s definitely been on my radar since. It really is a shame about the main character being a bit…not all that smart, though. That can really have a damper on the story as a whole.

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