Crystal Storm Spoilers

  • Gaius can’t die? UGH, I was so excited that he was finally dead. Now he claims he changed and Magnus and Cleo just accept it and follow him to find his mother? Then his mother heals him with the bloodstone (we’ll get to this in a sec) and now he’s back in full form and no one is upset?  Also, Gaius is upset with his mother for meddling with his life with Cleo’s mom and he’s doing the exact same thing to Magnus.  As a matter of fact, he throws out is mother after she says that love clouds judgement and five minutes later, her scolds Magnus for falling in love with Cleo claiming that love is clouding his judgement-WHAT?
  • Jonas. So now Jonas can absorb magic? And on top of that he’s prophesied to absorb Lucia’s magic but now that prophesy changed because Lucia is to die in childbirth. This is one example of why I think Rhodes had to add shit to prolong the series.  I was so happy to hear that Lucia was to die in childbirth but then she didn’t-GOD! I hate this girl; why won’t she die already?! I swear that if Jonas and Lucia get together…
  • New Characters and backstories-Damen. Once again, a new character and a new backstory.  Was this character in the previous books because if he was, I totally missed it.  Once again, Rhodes is adding new characters and new shit they have to find-the bloodstone? Now we have to find the bloodstone, reunite all the Kindreds, and find the ring and the wheel.  OMG, it’s so much.  I literally had to write a summary after every chapter.
    • Taran- Theon’s twin is back and his mother was an Oldling (that’s something that will come back).
    • Selia is also an Olding and she SUPPOSEDLY dies-yeah right.
  • Isn’t Carlos a rebel? When Gaius had his men kill Amara’s spies at the beginning of the book, who did they kill because it was Carlos who was spying?
  • That ending. I like that Nic was inhabited by the Kindred. I  keep waiting for him to grow a backbone and Kyan is a bastard-this will be exciting.

This was more of a venting session so thank you for listening while I get out my frustrations with this book. I feel better now.


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