Alchemists of Loom


Alchemists of Loom (Loom Saga #1)

By Elise Kova

Genre: Fantasy/Steampunk

Expected Publication Date: January 10, 2017

Bang Bang Rating: bombbombbombbomb 1/2


Arianna is a Chimera or is she? That’s the big question that doesn’t get answered at the end of this huge cliffhanger.

Alchemists of Loom takes place in a world where dragons, who look like people with varied Crayola colored skin tones, have taken over Loom and dictate their unfair laws from above the clouds.  Loom residents were fine until the dragons learned how to come down from the clouds and now they are forced and branded into specialized sectors (Harvesters, Riviters, Alchemists, & Ravens) which are BRIEFLY described in the novel. Loom residents receive little education and if you don’t pass your tests, you are killed.   Of course Loom residents think this is unfair and they retaliate by killing dragons and selling their organs on the black market.  Since dragons have powers, if you consume their organs you absorb their specialized powers and become a Chimera. And of course many the Loom people have become rebels and are determined to rid Loom of the dragon tyranny.  I also forgot to mention that Arianna is a hired thief who encounters a rogue dragon and instead of killing him, she helps him for a price- one wish. Does this sound like a lot of story? Well it should because it is.

Chapter one drops you right in the middle of the action with little to no explanation about the world or Arianna. Kova slowly explains the world of Loom which includes numbers instead of city names; Arianna’s background; and it’s steampunk so they have airships and goggles and unorthodox guns.  Loom is told from the perspective of four different characters and they are all FASCINATING. I loved every character in this book including the villains because they all have their own motives their own backstories and their own voice.  The majority of the characters are female and they are all incredibly driven and strong.  There’s also a hint of a romance and it’s very sweet.

Loom’s main theme is imbalance of power and disenfranchisement but at the same time race, gender, and sexuality are not focal points. No one is coffee colored or caramel colored; they are crimson and gray and blue.  There are women in powerful positions throughout the novel but no one says, “OMG, you’re a woman!”

When writing new worlds, there are two types of authors.  One author will over share with info dumping and the other type leaves out information because they’ve been living with their world for months and think the reader has too. Kova, however, gives the reader just enough information about her world to keep you satisfied and she spreads it out so that the reader is never overwhelmed.

The only reason I gave Loom a 4.5 instead of a 5 is because I prefer a character driven plot and Loom had more action than I like.  I have a difficult time visualizing action sequences so I don’t enjoy an action packed story.  The action wasn’t bad; I just prefer character and wold building.  If you like action, adventure, world building, and character development, you will love Alchemists of Loom.

P.S. While writing this review, I discovered what/who Arianna is-YaY

Did you like Alchemists of Loom as much as I did? Let’s talk about it.


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