The X-Files: Agents of Chaos


The X-Files: Agents of Chaos (The X-Files Origins #1)

By Kami Garcia

Genre: Mystery/Paranormal

Bang Bang Rating: bombbombbombbomb


The X-Files Origins is based on the popular 90’s TV show and it’s written from the perspective of Fox Mulder and Dana Scully as teens.  Because Mulder and Scully didn’t meet until their late 20’s, they each have their own book.  If you are thinking about getting into The X-Files by binging on Netflix, I don’t suggest you read these books first because there are A LOT of spoilers.

Although I was in high school when the show was on TV, I didn’t watch it.  I love scary and paranormal stuff so I don’t know why I didn’t watch it but anyway I started binging it on Netflix last year and now I Want to Believe.  I LOVE Mulder and especially Scully because she was a great character.  She was never sexualized and there was never any gender discrimination.  She was an FBI agent and a medical examiner and no one ever questioned her gender-AWESOME!!

Now on to Agents of Chaos.  Book one is about Fox (David Duchovny is sexy as hell on the TV show) Mulder and his turbulent relationship with his father.  At this point in the story, Fox’s sister Samantha has already been abducted thus beginning his obsession.  Because he can’t do much investigation into his sister’s disappearance, he satiates his passion by trying to solve a string of kidnappings. Fox, I’m sorry, Mulder is joined by his new best friend Gimble and his old best friend Phoebe. The trio enlist the assistance of Gimble’s paranoid father and a variety of colorful characters to solve the seemingly ritualistic crimes.

Garcia does a great job of including small details about Mulder as a teen-his wit, his love of sunflower seeds and naked ladies, his insomnia, and his choice to sleep on a couch.  Garcia includes pivotal characters who eventually make Mulder the man we see on the TV.  The other set up is his respect for women.  Although teen Mulder likes half naked ladies which sets up adult Mulder’s fascination with porn, he has tremendous respect for his equally intelligent friend-Phoebe.  This story takes place in the late 70’s when women/girls weren’t so equal but Mulder always trusts Phoebe’s theories and ideas.  He’s in love with her and he fantasizes about her but there’s never any tropey groping or blue balls.  I think this is Garcia’s way of setting up Mulder’s relationship with Scully.

If you are a fan of the show, you’ll see a bit of Dana in Phoebe and an amalgamation of Frohike, Fritz, and Ringo in Gimble.  And my least favorite character on the TV show is in the first chapter-The Smoking Man! This guy will never go away!

The mystery is solid and a bit creepy which is great.  The police are total idiots and you believe that these seventeen year olds totally found this serial killer all by themselves. The character development is pretty good but the intensity could of been better considering the subject matter.  My major issues was the fictional novel everyone was obsessed with.  It got a bit convoluted during the revelation of the motive.  I also didn’t like Phoebe all that much.  She was a strong smart girl but she was a bit of a bitch and not in a good way.

Otherwise, as a BIG fan of the TV show, I thought this was spot on and I’m excited to read book 2 which is Scully’s story.



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