Carve the Mark Spoilers

The major plot reveal, who is family Benesit, was so predictable that I don’t think it was meant to be a huge reveal.  When Ori is taken away, the text says that her last name is wrong so duh.  The book doesn’t seem to make a big deal of it when it’s revealed so I’m going to guess that it wasn’t a big moment.

The same thing happened when we found out that Akos’ mom wasn’t dead.  I think it’s a big deal that Sifa “faked” her death and seemingly did nothing when her sons were kidnapped.  When Akos saw her on screen, he wasn’t upset and when he woke up in his town, the first thing he thought about was Cyra.  Wouldn’t you be concerned why your mother seems to be a selfish asshole?

Did we ever find out if Akos was really Shotet?  Did I miss something?


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