Strange the Dreamer Spoilers

That prologue is an evil genius.  I kept referencing it because I was hoping it was Isogal but as the story progressed, I knew it was Sarai.  I don’t think it hit until I knew she was actually dead and I cried when Eril-Fane broke down.

I was about 80% through when I realized that Strange was also orphaned fifteen years prior just like the survivors.  It didn’t occur to me that he was Skathis’ son because he wasn’t blue-duh!  I knew there was something special about him when his spirit was the key and his hands didn’t turn blue and if I’m not mistaken, Cixtante’s hands didn’t turn blue either.  I’m not upset that he’s a god and thought that ending was great.

Minya was a great villain.  To have a twenty year old in a six year old’s body just made her better.  I was hoping that Sarai could be resurrected because I don’t want her to be a ghost but I’m interested to see how they are going to get rid of Minya. I’m sure one of the other long lost orphans can resurrect Sarai.

What did you think of the ending?


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