A Ship Beyond Time


A Ship Beyond Time (The Girl from Everywhere #2)

By Heidi Heilig

Genre: Fantasy/Time Travel

Expected Publication: February 28, 2017

Bang Bang Rating: bombbomb 3/4


A Ship Beyond Time is the second book in The Girl from Everywhere Series and we pick up on the ship fleeing Hawaii. After book one, Blake has joined the crew, Kash and Nix might be in love, and Nix’s father has vowed to get sober.

ASBT opens with a prediction from an oracle stating that Nix’s love will fall to the sea and every action Nix makes following the prediction is to fight fate and save Kash.  Since there are rules about returning to places, Nix needs to find a way to go back after Kash eventually dies and she believes she has found that person.  They get a new map to find this Navigator who has claimed that he knows how to go back and save loved ones.

It took a while for this story to get going and for me to realize that the above paragraph was actually the plot.  Nix constantly worries about Kash when he’s by her side but when they are separated on an island that legend says will flood, she doesn’t worry much.  The conversations between Nix and Kash were very frustrating.  She keeps him at bay because she doesn’t want to love him knowing he is fated to die but she loves him and technically can’t change that-THERE ON A SMALL SHIP FOR GOODNESS SAKES!  She doesn’t know when he dies; he could die thirty years from now.  So instead of loving him in the moment, they just have the same conversation over and over.

This book requires the reader to suspend all beliefs more times than I can count.  We are already supposed to believe that anyone can make a map of any time period and the ship sails through some fog and tada, they’ve time traveled.  Okay, I can get with that because I hate all the explaining but now we are supposed to believe that they can travel to a land that has only existed through legend?  Was that in book one and I missed it?  Anyway, that is where we are sailing to in this book and hold on to your butts because it gets even more convoluted.  I will admit that although this book had a lot of story but I didn’t get confused as I did with book one.  And I have to mention that map makers seem to be on every corner-that’s convenient.

I don’t know the literary term for this but I call it all bones and no meat.  That is when a book has event after event after event just to keep it exciting but there is no actual story in between the events.  I felt book one did a better job of character development and world building in between events whereas this one failed to do that.  This book also included some convenient moments where the group was missing something vital and tada, it’s- been-under-that-rock-the-whole-time.

Heilig is a good writer and she has lots of potential; I think she just needs a better editor or mentor.  I honestly gave up with 25% remaining and I don’t even know how it ends so if someone wants to inform me, I’d appreciate it.


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