Warcross Spoiler Edition


Set in the not so distant future, Emika is a bounty hunter of illegal gambling in the virtual world and must secure a $5000 bounty before she gets evicted.  Missing out on the bounty, Emika decides to steal a rare power up in the Warcross tournament and upon doing so she accidentally glitches herself in the game.  The inventor of the game, Hideo Tanaka, sees Emika’s glitch and hires her as a bounty hunter to catch a hacker.


I speculated that Hideo’s brother was the hacker but I didn’t think Lu would go there.  I had other speculations such as Kenn and Hammie but I quickly counted them out.  Because it was his brother, I didn’t have an OMG moment like I did at the end of The Rose Society-bummer.  I’m guessing Sasuke doesn’t know he’s related to Hideo otherwise, why would he not reveal himself to Hideo?

I didn’t, however, see the Hideo twist and I like that the love interest turned antagonist idea.  I think Lu is good a writing anti villains/supervillains and messing with tropes.

I also didn’t see the Tremaine twist (he’s also a bounty hunter) coming but I liked it and I think he and Emika will join forces in book 2.


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