Cruel Prince Spoiler Rants

Quick Overview

Jude, her twin sister, and her older sister with the pointy ears were living a normal human life when a strange green man comes to their house and kills their parents. He then takes them off to live in Faery land to raise them as his kids.  Cut to ten years later when we see Jude as a human who has fully assimilated into faery land but not all the Folk are thrilled with humans.

On to the RANT

My ultimate issue with this book was the actions of the characters.  Let me start with something minor that was the beginning of the end.  When Valerian forced fairy fruit in Jude’s face that made her take off her clothes, that was IT but then Carden pricked her finger because salt is the antidote and blood contains salt, I couldn’t… Don’t you think the first thing you learn that if you are given a drug and you don’t have salt, human blood can be used as an antidote?  I know that’s minor but it’s a sign of spotty writing.  Back to the drug-make-her-get-naked-and-bow-down part.  First, this was just for shock value. Second, she went off with one of the torturers. Third, she went back to school a day later and never had an inner monologue about being scared.  That’s unrealistic; I don’t care if you are the strongest girl alive.

Valerian literally tried to kill Jude twice and his only motive is that he likes to fight. WHAT??? His character was only in the book so that Jude had someone justifiable to kill so that she could prove to herself that she can kill someone because her step-father said she didn’t have the guts. So you mean to tell me that she dragged a dead body, I think down a flight of stairs, buried it and no one saw her? REALLY?

This girl has NEVER been a spy but she manages to infiltrate a prince’s castle, find the correct room, obtain the key piece of evidence, and escapes without problems.  I’m supposed to believe that? This girl is the daughter of the GENERAL. Everyone knows what she looks like but no body recognized her? REALLY?

The hot fairy who happens to be friends with her tormentors, invites her to a party where they will all be but she’s cool with it even though they just humiliated her and tried to kill her twice.  I get it; she’s strong and isn’t going to let bullies stop her from living but that’s sooooo unrealistic.  I could see if they were just calling her names or just kicking her lunch in the lake but no, they tried to make her jump to her death.

This is just the little stuff that bothered me.  The big one, and you know what I’m about to say, is that Locke was dating her sister Taryn and she didn’t do anything about it.  And then, this strong heroine, challenged her twin sister to a duel over a GUY!  That is the exact opposite of what she should have done.  She should have challenged Locke to a duel for being a dick not your sister over some dude and I don’t care if she did choose him over family. Never over a dude; that is rule #1.  That is such a weak woman trope. And I get it, she was angry because her sister chose a guy over her but you don’t challenge them to a duel. You get in her face and say, “How could you do this to me? We are sisters and you are going to choose a man over me? Get out of my face!” And then you forgive her and never trust your man around her ever again.

This is not part of my character motive rant but I couldn’t with that Red Coronation scene and if you watch/read Game of Thrones you know what I’m talking about. That whole death scene was right out of Game of Thrones and I totally wasn’t shocked by it.


2 thoughts on “Cruel Prince Spoiler Rants

  1. For the strong heroine fighting her sister it seemed to me anyway to be more of the fact that her sister let the both of them take abuse then blamed Jude for it the entire time when Taryn knew the real reason for it all. ‘Taryn secretly dating Locke.’ That felt like the reason that Jude felt the need to defend her honor. Her sister made her look like a fool and blamed her situation on the fact that she didn’t want to take that kind of abuse because for Jude the only reason she could find for their hate and ire was her being mortal.

    And for the spy bit the court of shadows discusses how it was a set up. The easily found information and what have you.

    Cardan probably know more about humans because of his ‘unnatural’ attraction the guards imply that he sleeps with and breaks human servants. While Jude admits to knowing very little about humans often. I want to write more because I want to discuss so I will write more at a later time.

    • Those are some interesting theories. I missed that part about court of shadows; that would change the easily finding info part that I hated.

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