By Barry Lyga

Genre: Contemporary/Grief/Death/Suicide

Publication Date: April 18, 2017


When Sebastian was four, he accidentally shot his 4-month-old baby sister in the head.  Everyone thinks if he could just remember, he would be able to get passed it but Sebastian doesn’t want to remember because it’s too hard to face.

So let me preface by saying that I LOVED the I Hunt Killer/Jasper Dent Series and the main reason was the incredible character development.  My major problem with Bang was….the character development. Sebastian was a pretty round character but the supporting cast was extremely lacking.

We have Aneesa, a bi-racial Muslim new girl and that’s literally all I know about her.  She is able to somewhat get passed the trolls and the slurs which I think is therapeutic for Sebastian but that’s the extent of her character  She sooooo obviously used as a distraction for Sebastian’s will to take his life-she gives him something to live for.  Although that’s great, I’ve seen this in all suicide books.  Lyga needs to find a different way to convey the storyline of the will to live.

Next we have his best friend Evan who is only there for one reason and I can’t say because it’s a spoiler but he’s used as a means to an end and he was terribly underdeveloped.

The story was just too predictable and lacked enough nuance to be special.

Bang Bang Rating bombbombbomb 1/2


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