The Last Samsara Spoiler Rants


Asha is an Iskara or someone who summons dragons.  When Asha was ten, she told forbidden stories that summoned a dragon that burned down her village, killed the commandant, and burned half of Asha’s body.  Ten years later, Asha must marry the commandant’s abusive son as a penance for his father’s death.  The dragon king, Asha’s father, tells her that if she kills the dragon that burned down the village, she will not have to marry so she sets out to find and kill the dragon.

This is more of a spoiler rant and not a spoiler overview.

I gave The Last Namsara 3 stars for the following reasons:

From the very beginning of the novel, Asha’s father was very loving and supportive.  I knew that was a red flag.  Kings are never loving and supportive; they are always manipulative and self absorbed.  For most of the book, I couldn’t understand why the commandant had so much power.  It made no sense for Jarek to be able to get the crowed prince exiled or imprisoned or pushed around.  It made no sense for Jarek to be publicly abusive to Asha and to force the king the throw her in prison.  He’s the fucking king!  It didn’t even occur to me that the king was behind all of this because there were almost no clues.  The one clue was Asha’s mother’s ring that was poison.  The author briefly mentioned large quantities of dragon bone ash could be poisonous and she told a story of a queen who poised people but that’s not enough of a clue.  Because the story is told from Asha’s POV, there’s no interaction between the king and Dax and therefore there was no foreshadowing or a glimpse into their relationship.  So the king didn’t want Dax to be the future king because he was wimpy and illiterate but once again, we were told this and it wasn’t shown.  I suppose one could argue that he was thin and sickly because of the ring but during all of that, he managed to write scrolls and save slaves and form alliances so he didn’t seem that weak.  The whole thing with the king using the dragon hunting to stall Asha was just poorly written and this was the main dilemma.


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