Queen’s Rising

the queen's rising

The Queen’s Rising (Book 1)

By Rebecca Ross

Genre: Fantasy

Publication Date: February 6, 2018

Bang Bang Review

When I told my co-worker Elise that I was going to read this next, she enthusiastically asked me to see something.  With bated breath, I waited for her to pull up her eBook where she eventually showed me four pages of family trees, definitions, more definitions, maps, and more definitions.  She decided at that point to not read the book and I should have listened-DAMMIT!!

Brienna (already forgot her last name) has dual citizenship of Valenia and some other land-I don’t remember.  Her mother died and she doesn’t know who her father was so she was raised in an orphanage until she was ten when her maternal grandfather takes her to matriculate at Magnolia House.  The Magnolia House is a school for FIVE girls who study Passions (OMG, this book said passion sooooo many times) and they study for SEVEN years.  So in other words, for SEVEN years there are only FIVE people at this school.  How do they make money?  It must be THE most expensive school ever.  And a good 25% of the book was in this school where we meet these girls and none of it impacts the plot-maybe one girl. Anyway, Brienna has no skills but she must be special because they admit her immediately and after failing at all the other passions, she settles on knowledge.  Since there’s one student to each teacher and Bri is the sixth girl in the school, she has to share a teacher with her classmate who out of nowhere gets real bitchy when Bri seems to be favored by their teacher.  Oh and I forgot the most important detail, when Bri touches a mysterious book she has these visions of a princess who lived hundreds of years ago-okay.  Oh I forgot to mention that Bri has a crush on her teacher.

Anyway, these girls are studying for SEVEN years so they can apprentice but Bri is conveniently not chosen and must remain at the school. But something happens and she has to go into hiding and it has something to do with her father she knows nothing about.  She travels and has visions and meets people and reveals that she has visions and trains to control her visions but fails and she meets this evil king who we keep hearing about and who is supposed to be the most evil king ever but we meet him once.  You can’t write a villain off page and expect the reader to fear them.

So the entire book is Bri looking for a stone and a scroll to overthrow the king.  She conveniently finds the stone after a vision showed her where it was.  I call deus ex machina on that bullshit.  The scroll was also conveniently found and then the battle for the throne literally takes five pages.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I READ A 460 PAGE BOOK FOR A BATTLE TO TAKE FIVE FREAKING PAGES?  The ending was a pretty bow and I shouldn’t have read this book.

So if you are looking for a book that says passion five hundred times, a poorly written villain, and a Mary Sue, this is the book for you.  If not, read Children of Blood and Bone-similar book but with better characters and execution.

Bang Bang Rating: bomb 1/2


3 thoughts on “Queen’s Rising

    • I believe that when a book has a good premise and the world building is unique and the writing is insightful but the execution is problematic, I blame the editor. An example in my opinion of this is Everless. But this book doesn’t have any original ideas or world building so I have to blame the author.

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