Sky in the Deep


Sky in the Deep

By Adrienne Young

Genre: Fantasy/Vikings

Publication Date: April 24, 2018

Bang Bang Review

The Aska tribe and the Riki tribe are life long opposers and every five years they meet on the battlefield.  During the battle, Eelyn sees her brother she thought was dead fighting for the opposition.  Desperate for answers, Eelyn follows her brother only to find her self in captivity by the Riki.  In an effort to escape, Eelyn and her Riki captors discover a bigger clansman threat and must band together or die.

So this story is not new. We have a Katniss-like warrior who loves her people over all else and would never betray them.   They mourn their fallen while blaming the enemy never caring about killing the loved ones of their enemies that is until our MC is forced to live and get to know them.  There’s an enemy guy with a compassionate soul and a little boy who loves unconditionally.  Basically, it’s the last two episodes of Game of Thrones where the family squabbles are pointless when the white walkers will wipe everyone out if they don’t fight together.  What’s different is the setting-a Scandinavian type land.

We’re not getting anything new here but the writing is good enough to keep the reader interested.  The pacing however was a problem.  The first half took place over a matter of six weeks or so and the last half took place over six days.  I’ll use a GOT reference again.  It’s like when it took Arya seven seasons to get back to Winterfell but in the seventh season, it took Jon Snow an episode to get to Dragonstone.

There was a slow burn romance that was adequate and sweet. Have I shipped better couples? Yes but they weren’t the worst (Chaol & Nesryn-gross). Although I don’t understand going to war every five years because it’s just what you do, I didn’t hate it. Maybe that’s the Viking way and I don’t know my history.  It wasn’t nuanced enough to give it higher than…

Bang Bang Rating bombbombbomb 3/4


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