A Bang Bang Book/Author will feature good books that I feel deserve more attention.  I hope that you read it, form your own opinion, and promote.

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Beastly Bones (A Jackaby Novel)

William Ritter

Publication Date: September 22, 2015

Genre: Paranormal/Mystery

Bang Bang Rating: bombbombbombbomb


Jackaby and Abbie Rook are back and on a new mission that includes carnivorous shape-shifters and dinosaur bones.

The Good

  • You don’t have to read book 1 to understand what’s going on in Beastly Bones.  They are separate stories and Ritter does a good job of catching the reader up on characters, setting, and other important backstory information.
  • Character Development-Ritter does a great job of creating round minor characters.
  • Abbie-Abbie is a great protagonist.  She left England to escape the inevitable “society wife” life that was in front of her to become an archeologist.  She took a job that made most men run away screaming. At the same time, she’s flawed. She’s a bit clumsy but it doesn’t come across as damsel.  In Beastly Bones, Abbie is faced with a dilemma; should she stay Jackaby’s assistant or should she move closer to the man she loves?  I liked Abbie’s way of coming to her conclusion and I also thought her thought process and her decision was very realistic.  I also liked that the man she loves, Charlie, is a shape shifter and can turn into a hound and Abbie is totally fine with that.
  • Multiple Mysteries-There’s the main mystery with the shape shifters and the dino bones but then there’s the mystery with Jenny, Jackaby’s ghost tenant.  Jenny is the murdered owner of the house Jackaby resides in.  Her murder is unresolved but in Beastly Bones, you get some bits and pieces of her case as Jenny becomes a bit undone. I’m very interested to read book 3 to find out what happened to Jenny.

The Bad

  • There’s a lot of dinosaur science that I found to be a snooze-fest but just because I found it boring doesn’t mean it’s not interesting.  Originally, I gave it a 3.5 because of the dino stuff but it was written well and others might find it interesting so I bumped it up.


Ritter is a good writer who created interesting characters.  Jackaby is a perfect mix of humor, weird, and a bit creepy.  If you are a fan of Cumberbatch or Sherlock, you will enjoy Beastly Bones.


sherlock wink gif

Because Jackaby is basically Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock!

Jackaby has a companion named Abbie Rook and she’s a great heroine.  She’s independent and fearless.  And although she’s not in love with Jackaby like Molly, I had to put this gif because I LOVE it.

sherlock gif

Jackaby & Beastly Bones is a mix of historical fiction, mystery, and paranormal.  It’s a little creepy and witty and if you are fans of Sherlock, I HIGHLY recommend it.


Coming Soon


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