Anime Club

We have a very small anime club of approximately 10 teens. 50% high school and 50% middle school. We have tried to come with ways to get more high school members and our latest idea is to let two of our high school hardcore members run the club.

Bento Box Challenge-July 2014

For the challenge, we supplied a variety of vegetables, fruit, rice, and candy. Teens had 60 minutes to make a Bento Box.

Sailor Moon Day-September 2014

Activities included: bleaching Sailor Moon stencils on T-Shirts and watching Sailor Moon.

We had our best high school turn out yet, 13/15 were in high school!  We basically had the teen running anime club to tell her friends and she did.  We don’t have many pictures because they all sat around and socialized.  But they had fun doing it.

Batman Day-October-2014

Menu: Penguins, Poison Ivy Punch, Dark Knight Punch

Activities:  Scavenger Hunt for villains, Trivia

Crafts:  Masks, and Batarangs

Learning How to Draw Manga/Anime Characters- November 2014

Christmas in July-December 2014

We ate KFC, because that’s what Japanese people eat on Xmas, and watched Christmas themed anime.


New Year, New Anime-January 2015

We watched trailers of new anime shows and played tape ball.

Tape ball: tape small manga/anime related toys or items in layers of book tape or packing tape.  Don’t use one continuous piece of tape, use small strips.  In addition to small toys, put tiny marbles in the tape.

How to Play: Pass the ball around and teens have 30 seconds to try and get the toy/item.  They may keep the item.  They are to also collect the marbles. The person with the most marbles wins a larger prize of your choice.

Valentine’s and Japan-February 2015

The teens made chocolate cups and took pictures of Kabe Donning.

For chocolate cups, use mini aluminum cup cake liners and freeze.  Insert mini candies and cover with melted chocolate.

Maid March-March 2015

Maids were the theme for March.

We watched Kaichou wa mai and Maid Latte Team. We also watch a couple of Youtube videos of people who visited the Maid Cafe in Japan.

The craft of the day was maid headbands.  Because we used leftover craft materials, this didn’t cost us anything.


Headbands—-$1/6 at the Dollar Tree

Tulle——–$1/roll at the Dollar Tree


Hot Glue

Drawing-May 2015

Teens went outside and did a little sidewalk chalk


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