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Episode 22: Best of May 2018: Unpopular Opinions Are on the Horizon

Episode 21: Best of April 2018: Kiss, Marry, Kill

Episode 20: Review of Sky in the Deep of Adrienne Young

Episode 19: Best of March 2018: I Don’t Like Romance Either

Episode 18: Best of February 2018: That’s Generous For You

We got new music

Episode 17: Best of January 2018: Sorry Guys, Didn’t Like Cruel Prince

Got a new format

Episode 16: Quick Picks for Reluctant Readers

Episode 15: Hard to Find Diverse Reads

Episode 14: Bigs and Smalls January

Episode 13: 2018 Book Buzz

Episode 12: 2018 Book Buzz

Episode 11: Top Ten YA Books of 2017 to Have on the Shelves

Episode 10: Ten YA Fiction Titles with Asian Leads

Episode 9: John Green Read a Likes

Episode 8: 2017 Halloween Book Display Recs

Episode 7: Top Disappointing YA of 2017…So Far

Episode 6: New Releases: Bigs and Smalls-October

Episode 5: Historical Fiction Diverse Reads

Episode 4: Add To Cart/Remove From Cart August-September 2017 Releases

Episode 3: Top Ten YA of 2017…So Far

Episode 2: Realistic Fiction Diverse YA

Episode 1: New Releases: Big and Smalls-August & September